Gothic Jewelry - A new trend? - Black Diamonds New York

Gothic Jewelry - A new trend?

Gothic Jewelry - A new trend? 

Till Death Do Us Part Rings by Black Diamonds- New York

We’ve all seen trends come and go. What was once on trend just a few years ago is now having a resurgence. The self proclaimed style of ''gen-z”  (thanks Tik-Tok!) Is bringing back gothic inspired style and influencers worldwide are setting the scene. It’s safe to say that in the past, gothic, edgy style jewelry was worn but just that - individuals who prided themselves on having edgy and rebellious style and set out to make a statement (Hello! notice me )  In the ever changing world of 2021, all kinds of styles are being reclaimed. Gothic jewelry is proving it can be worn by anyone. It has the refreshing look of being different while still practical for everyday use. All rings are  exclusively designed  by our owner and head artist (me!) Our gothic rings are inspired by my travels across the world and each piece is carefully created with modern goth in mind. 

Be Mine Forever Gothic Rings

    Gothic style, in the past, has had gloomy and dark undertones. It was not widely available to the public and those who did wear it, usually had pieces that were indistinguishable from one another (we’re calling you out Spencers and Hot topic!). With Black Diamonds- New York gothic inspired jewelry, you can rock any kind of style while standing out. Our jewelry is edgy and rebellious while remaining classy and fresh. Our one of a kind gothic jewelry is crafted with individuality in mind. We strive to create pieces that will compliment each other. With Black Diamonds-New York gothic rings, you are the creator of your style destiny. Pair a punk asymmetrical ring with one of our rebellious skull or coffin rings to create a unique stackable pair. We also offer stackable sets that have been carefully designed to fit perfectly with one another, sporting two curved diamond bands on either end with a unique skull or coffin shape in the middle (see pretty pictures below!) 

With individuality being at the forefront of our culture today, anyone can adopt a style they had hesitated to have before. Gothic, edgy and rebellious rings can be worn by anyone and compliment any style. Our mission here at Black Diamonds New York is to make everyone feel comfortable in expressing their unique individuality.  With our one of a kind gothic designs, you will stand out and look good doing it. Our rings are made with the highest quality moissanite diamonds and upon checkout you will be able to choose your desired gem color, type of metal and carat size. 

Black Rose Gothic Engagement Rings by Black Diamonds New York

Lots of rings in our gothic collection have black plating as an option for metal type. Black plating on jewelry usually chips after constant wear and usage. This makes for rings that lose their appeal and look cheap as opposed to grungy. Our black plated rings stand the test of time and with the correct care - can last years. Our black rhodium plated rings can fade with time and wear and expose the silver or gold underneath to help you rock a grungy yet sophisticated look OR you can send that sucker back and we'll replate it for you, which is 100% free GUARANTEED.  SO what are you waiting for? You've read all about the style of gothic rings now go see for yourself! 

  Happy Shopping ! xo- Black Diamonds New York 


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