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How to Find Unique Engagement Rings for Women

Finding unique and interesting engagement rings isn’t easy, especially if you don’t know anything about engagement rings. Thankfully we’re here to help. When you’re looking for unique engagement rings for women, you need to take a few things into account to ensure that you get the right ring. Let’s go through a few things you should keep in mind and a few different aspects of different kinds of engagement rings to ensure that you pick a ring that’s just right for you and your partner. 

Unique Engagement Rings for Women

Finding the right engagement ring is a big decision that you should think about for quite some time. This isn’t a choice you should make on a whim, but one you should make carefully. Finding a unique band that says what you want it to but also matches the style and aesthetic of the person you’re proposing to is difficult, but thankfully there are plenty of unique bands to choose from. 

The Sentiment Behind Your Rings

The sentiment that your rings should bring you, especially after the proposal, is one you’ll never forget. They’re important symbolically and can be designed to fit the right size, shape, and style. Getting the engagement ring is one of the hardest decisions you can make before a wedding. It can also be expensive, and you want to be sure you are getting something you and your partner will enjoy for the rest of your lives. The sentimental value behind the ring is going to be much higher if you get her a ring she loves. 

Her Interests 

When you’re looking for an engagement ring, it’s important to take into consideration the likes and dislikes of your partner. If they dislike gold, for example, getting them an engagement ring that is gold may be a poor decision. On the other hand, if her favorite stone isn’t a diamond, you may consider choosing a stone she likes as the main stone on the band you get for her. Considering her interests ensures that when you choose an engagement ring, it’s just right. 


The stone you place on the ring will be one of the biggest eye-grabbing parts of the ring. This ring will be far more attractive because of the stone, and getting a good stone will decide if your partner and other people think the ring is beautiful. Stones are incredibly important when it comes to the engagement rings as they’re usually the main event when it comes to the engagement and showing the ring off to everyone afterward. The stone is usually a diamond, but it doesn’t have to be. 


The ring's cut will be how the stone is cut. It can be cut into a wide variety of shapes that can be adjusted in the ring in different ways. This ensures that the ring you select ends up being as unique as possible. It’s completely possible to get a type of stone cut in a specific way so thinking about the kind of cut you or your partner may want in an engagement ring is a great idea. 


The quality of the stone is another important part of the process; no one wants a low-quality stone! There is also the ethics behind the stone; ensuring your stone was ethically recovered is an essential part of engagement ring shopping. High-quality stones that are ethically recovered are fantastic stones for rings. 

Some lower-quality stones may seem foggy, chipped, damaged, or even come from unethical backgrounds. It’s always important to verify the ethics and quality of a stone before you purchase the ring it comes with. This way, you will be getting a high-quality stone without a sketchy past. Let’s take a look at some of the stones and designs you might see. 


Opals are a bright shimmering stone that catches the light and often turns into a rainbow, making them a fantastic stone to work with through and through. When placed on an engagement ring, these stones really do become unique engagement rings for women. 

Imagine the awe other people will feel seeing the light catch that ring. Opals are dazzling stones; they cost less than diamonds and are fantastic selections for engagement rings that are unique and interesting. Is opal the right stone for your engagement ring?

Unique Art Deco Diamond

Art Deco Diamond designs are quite unique engagement rings for women indeed! With slotted square sections that line up beside one another, it’s uncommon to see a ring that looks quite like this one. Engagement rings often focus on one stone or a few surrounding a larger stone; this style of ring has several stones of the same size staggered side by side. 

It’s both an artistic decision and a beautiful ring that is sure to draw anyone’s eye to the ring finger. This elegant design really is a great choice and a wonderful option to consider. 

Abstract Swirls

Abstract swirling patterns to rings is another way you can implement different designs into an engagement ring and make it unique. These swirls usually pull the eye towards a center stone, making up the band's main attraction. Swirls are a great way to craft unique engagement rings for women, especially when the abstract swirls come from different directions to settle behind the center stone. 

There are several types of swirls that you can incorporate into an engagement ring, but regardless the abstract swirl is one way to get a truly memorable engagement ring. 

Twisted Bands and Classy Diamonds

Twisted Bands are another way to swirl your bands that gives them a unique look. Add in a classy diamond or a row of small diamonds around another more central stone, and you have an incredibly unique engagement ring. Making an engagement ring like this takes a little time, but you can usually find them made and ready for you. 

This graceful swirl design is one that draws attention to the ring, encouraging people to look and celebrate your engagement. If you’re looking for unique engagement rings for women, this ring may just be the right one for you.

Standard Swirl

Twisted bands and abstract swirls aside, sometimes all you want in unique engagement rings for women is a simple swirl design. This kind of engagement ring has a singular simple swirl drawing focus to the main stone, making it a truly unique style that many people prefer and enjoy. 

Standard swirls are elegant, graceful, and well designed and can be a pleasant surprise when you’re actively proposing. So take your time when you’re considering a swirl in your engagement ring; there is always the case that a unique and elegant standard swirl is exactly what you’re looking for in a ring. 

No Stone

This kind of engagement ring is incredibly unique as it doesn’t have a standard stone at all! Instead of a stone, the ring maker molds metal into the shape of a stone, so the ring is one unified piece. This ring style is incredibly unique and is perfect for someone more environmentally friendly. 

Some stones can come from questionable backgrounds, and your partner may want to ensure completely that their engagement ring doesn’t come from such backgrounds. Not having a stone on an engagement ring leaves for an incredibly unique and elegant-looking ring without having to question if a stone was acquired ethically. 

Diamond Cluster

Diamond clusters are a beautiful stone to settle into the main area of any of the many unique engagement rings for women! A diamond cluster usually is an array of smaller diamonds arranged in a pattern, usually floral in design. Together these individual diamonds in their pattern make up what would be considered a center stone for a ring. 

This beautiful design is intricate and delicate while also being elegant all at the same time. A combination of small diamonds that make up a center stone really does make this one of the unique engagement rings for women.


Moonstone, like opals, catch the light as you move them, but in a far more subtle way. These beautiful stones are usually pale with subtle sections of color that reveal themselves when the stone is moved. Moonstones aren’t commonly used in engagement rings, but when they are, they manage to be both subtle and unique at the same time. 

You can use moonstone as either the main stone or as additional stones around the main stone. Regardless of the way you use moonstone, you can be sure that a moonstone engagement ring will be something your loved ones talk about for years to come. 


The sapphire is a deep blue stone that often looks almost black when it’s not in the sun. Once the light hits the stone, though, the deep hues of blues come out, giving this stone a dazzling look. If you’re looking for unique engagement rings for women, one of the unique stones is one with sapphires on it. 

Either as the center stone or as additional stones around a different stone, a sapphire on an engagement ring truly is beautiful and magnificent, making a ring that is incredibly unique for your partner. 

Knotted Design

The knotted design of this kind of ring is a beautiful addition to a beautiful day. Engagement rings with a knotted design often have a slightly smaller center stone that helps pull the eye to the elegance of both the knot and the stone equally. 

This design is quite elegant and is a fantastic design if you’re looking for unique engagement rings for women. The knots in these rings can be framed to the right, left, or directly behind the center stone. Though it’s uncommon, you can add more than one stone to the engagement ring as well. 

Leaf Design

The leaf design is a beautiful design for people looking for unique engagement rings for women. If your partner likes nature and all things natural, they would likely enjoy a ring that has a leaf design on it. 

These designs usually frame the center stone and may have a few additional smaller stones settled in with the leaves. Sometimes the leaves are made of the smaller stone, and other times the design is made out of the same metal as the ring, and the leaves fall around the center stone and any additional stones that there may be. 


Rubies are another delightful and fantastic potential addition to any number of unique engagement rings for women. This deep red stone is a beautiful addition to any stone on an engagement ring. It could be the center stone or beautifully frame a center stone of any kind. 

Rubies are stunning stones that almost appear black in the shade, but once the light hits them, they dazzle with a deep red that is hard to miss. Rubies truly are a beautiful stone to choose for your engagement ring, and they are incredibly hard to miss in a crowded room. If anyone is paying a little attention to your partner or their ring, they’ll very likely notice the rubies on the ring. 

Infinity Knot

The infinity knot design is a knotted ring design that encourages the use of a larger stone in the ring. This design appears to be like a rope, one infinite loop resting over the other, locked in by your chosen stone or set of stones. This design is a great option for women looking for unique engagement rings because of its timeliness. 

A design like this is graceful, elegant, and unique because many couples opt for different ring designs. The infinity knot design is often overlooked despite its beauty, making it a beautiful and unique ring for your engagement. 


Pearls are incredibly rare in engagement rings because they aren’t usually associated with engagement. People often overlook the sophisticated simplicity of a pear as the main stone. An opaque white that catches colors on the surface of the stone, this beautiful stone would be an excellent choice for someone trying to find unique engagement rings for women. 

Set in a ring of gold, this stone would bring a lot of attention to the fact that you’re now engaged. A pearl as the main stone is an excellent choice, it would be difficult to use as a secondary stone, but as the main stone, the pearl would be unique and sophisticated.

Raw Diamond

Raw diamonds are uncut and often a little difficult to work with when a ring is made, but they also make an engagement ring that's similar to no other. If you’re looking for unique engagement rings for women, a raw diamond is a great choice. Pulled right from the ground, these pieces are as natural as they get, which is great if your partner wants a diamond but doesn't want to deal with a cut stone in their engagement ring, making a raw diamond an excellent choice. 

Emeralds and Diamonds

Pairing up stones is another excellent way to draw attention to any one of the many unique engagement rings for women. An engagement ring is a beautiful combination of emeralds and diamonds. It doesn’t matter which is the center stone, though the few people that do choose this combination choose the diamond as the center stone. 

Regardless of the design or pattern, you choose emeralds, and diamonds go together exceptionally well. You can place these on any band as well, and though silver-colored bands usually compliment these two stones well, a gold-colored band would also look great. 

Salt and Pepper Diamond

Some people like diamonds with little imperfections; they give them character and make them unique. That is where salt and pepper diamonds come in. These diamonds have little imperfections in them, making them look like they have salt and pepper flakes in them. 

Either cut or uncut these beautiful diamonds make for an incredibly unique engagement ring. Pair them with any kind of stone as a secondary stone, and you can see the imperfections that give this kind of stone its appeal. These tiny imperfections can make for such a stunning engagement ring. 

Diamond Flower Shapes

Diamond-shaped floral stone sets are another great way to ensure that your diamond ring is incredibly unique! The sets of stones are smaller diamonds that are arranged in a way to make them appear like a flower. This method is usually used as a center stone, and it's uncommon to have additional stones on the ring. 

Diamond flower shapes can be made to mirror almost any flower, though some shapes are more common than others. You should take into account the quality, shape, and cut of a diamond and what it's worth before using it in your ring. This flower-shaped diamond design is a beautiful and unique option for you and your partner’s engagement ring. 

Pear Shaped

Pear-shaped designs for any stone, regardless of the size or place you decide to rest them on your engagement ring, are an excellent choice that people don’t often choose. This stone shape often looks like a pear or a teardrop making it incredibly appealing, especially for cut stones. 

It is common to frame a stone of this shape with multiple smaller stones to help pull the eye into the main stone. Depending on the type of stone and the color of the ring, you can have a variety of different choices that will make your ring beautiful, elegant, and unique. 

Quad Diamond 

The quad diamond design is one that is quite uncommon. This design takes four small diamonds and frames them side by side, usually in a square or diamond shape, which then acts like the main stone. It’s uncommon to have more stones than the main four, but it has been done. 

This design is quite unique and is not commonly found, making it an excellent choice for those looking for unique engagement rings for women. Pairing this design on a silver band would be your best option stylistically, but a gold band would also work well to frame those diamonds individually, really defining both their difference and their unity. 

Twig Design

If your partner is more of a nature buff or enjoys spending time outside, then this design might be your best bet. This type of ring is designed to look like a twig with knobbly sides that rest over one another, pulling your eyes to the main stone or set of stones. This design is quaint, beautiful, graceful, and incredibly unique. If your partner is someone who likes to collect stones and shells or run about the forest barefoot, this is a great option for an engagement ring for them. 

Split Shank

A split shank engagement ring is a fantastic option for a ring that brings uniqueness into the band itself. A split band appears to have had something driven down through it roughly halfway. There is nothing rough looking about this band, though; smooth and beautiful, it encourages people to trace up the band with their eyes and find the main stone or set of stones. 

This design is quite unique and isn’t commonly chosen by people looking for an engagement ring, making it a great choice regardless of the stones you choose for an engagement ring for your partner. 

Mine Cut

A mine-cut diamond is a specific diamond cut that was most prominent in the 1800s through to 1900, and the reason this cut is so special is that it wasn’t perfect. These stones were usually square, and though they were beautifully cut, they had small imperfections, giving them character. 

Finding a Mine cut diamond these days is quite difficult, but if you can get one, you can be sure you have a unique diamond with a unique cut. These diamonds are excellent for those who want a large diamond but want it to be special to them. Frame these diamonds on a band alone, or will smaller stones to each side for a beautiful look. 

Snake Designs

If your partner likes interesting reptiles, then you may want to incorporate that into the design of the ring you choose. An idea for unique engagement rings for women is to incorporate a snake directly into the design of the ring. Some people like to have an Ouroboros design, and others prefer two snake heads holding up the main stone. Regardless of your preference, if your partner enjoys snakes, this may be a good option for a ring design. 

Triple Moon Goddess Designs

The triple moon goddess is a beautiful design specifically found in certain religions and is very symbolic to those who wear it. If your partner partakes in any of the religions that use this symbol, it may be an excellent choice for an engagement ring that flaunts its unique design to the world. 

This design usually consists of one type of stone and has a circular stone at the center and two crescent-shaped stones at each side. This makes up the triple moon goddess symbol, but any engagement ring with any symbol upon it would make for a unique ring, so long as the symbol has meaning for your partner. 

Fingerprint Rings

If you’re really trying to be as unique as possible with your ring design, there is always the option of getting fingerprint rings. Fingerprint rings are just what they sound like; the design of your and your partner’s fingerprints is carved into the inside of the band. 

This makes your ring unique in both the fact that few people do this and that no two people have the same fingerprint. Fingerprint engagement rings are a bit tricky to come by; some people don’t have the technology to make them, but when they are made, they’re made incredibly carefully. Choose any stone you’d like for this ring, which will quickly become even more precious and sentimental to your partner. 

A Diamond Twist

A diamond twist is an elegant ring design that pairs beautifully cut diamonds with carefully arranged knotting. The smaller diamonds in this kind of design flow along the knot framing the center diamond, drawing the eye inward. This type of design works well for those looking for a unique but subtle engagement ring look. This ring, when compared to others on this list, will be much more subtle and easier to miss, but once noticed, the intricacies of the ring will become clear. 

Jagged Design

This ring style is quite different from the other styles we’ve discussed thus far. Instead of one main stone or a few smaller stones, this piece has baguette-shaped stones that alternate against one another. The beautiful way that these stones alternate creates a pattern across a section of the band, making it a truly unique and interesting potential engagement ring for those looking for unique engagement rings for women. A jagged design is quite elegant looking, and when you use the right stones this style of engagement ring is a beautiful design that you and your partner will remember.

Diamonds and Pearls

Some people think that diamonds and pearls might be a clashing combination, but they are quite the opposite. The main stone as a pearl with much smaller diamonds surrounding it is a fantastic design choice that would make your engagement ring incredibly unique. 

This stone combination shows the diamond's elegance and grace, and sophistication of the pearl, making it a very high-class combination. Not only is this combination high class, but it is not usually used, making it an excellent option if you're looking for a unique engagement ring. Pair this design on a silver ring for maximum effect.

Diamonds and Sapphires

Another excellent and striking stone combination is diamonds and sapphires. This combination can work either with the diamond or sapphire as the main stone and can be set in either silver or gold bands, depending on your stylistic desires. The striking beauty of the diamond paired with the deep blues of the sapphires brings together these stones in a stunning and concise manner. Making the engagement ring stand out clearly against any background. This combination truly is a great option to consider if you and your partner are looking for unique engagement rings for women.

Gothic Engagement Rings

If your partner enjoys things of a gothic nature, why not incorporate that love for all things dark into an engagement ring? Gothic engagement rings are unique, and few people even consider their engagement rings. Engagement rings of this style usually have quite a lot of black, either in the stone or the band itself, making them a great choice if your partner prefers all things goth. 

Gothic engagement rings are a fantastic and beautiful option that could make your engagement an event that is really special. Gothic engagement rings are beautiful and can match the aesthetic your partner maintains, ensuring that you are both happy on your special day. So take the time to consider them in all their glory; let's take a look at a few different options.

Gold Band and Black Diamonds

Placing black diamonds on a gold band is one of many gothic-focused options you may choose that is both beautiful and subtle. Gold and black work incredibly well together and can be a bright and beautiful combination for an engagement ring. You can choose any combination of sizes and shapes for a black diamond on this ring, and it would still work incredibly well. Pairing several diamonds with an arrangement or design would make the diamonds pop against the gold band as a background. Gothic engagement rings are incredibly attractive, even when they manage to be subtle like this one. 

Skulls and Diamonds

Suppose your partner likes the gothic style. You may want to consider if they would like skulls with their diamond engagement ring. Incorporating a gothic touch makes it easier to help you find unique engagement rings for women. Having two skulls, either of human or animal origin, designed in metal around your main stone, regardless of the type, is a fantastic idea. It captures the gothic aesthetic while also being interesting and unique at the same time. Skulls and stones can be used in either gold or silver bands, and the style still looks classy and endearing without sacrificing the gothic tone. 

Ruby with Diamond Clusters

Pairing clusters of diamonds with rubies is a beautiful look as well, and together these two stones amplify one another on an engagement ring. Finding unique engagement rings for women can be difficult, especially when you want something you’ve never seen before. 

A combination of rubies and diamonds might be what you’re looking for. You can swap out one or the other as the main stone and surround the main stone with the other stone. Or you can use both kinds of stones to make a design; either way, selecting rubies and diamonds, especially black diamonds, is a great gothic engagement ring move.

Fractured Diamond Looks

A fractured diamond is beautiful, mostly because it's not actually fractured. A diamond like this only appears broken because of the design of the ring. The cut of the diamond makes it look fractured, which is a slightly different look than a regular cut diamond. The different looks that a cut diamond can give a ring are ones that can pull the attention of others. The fractured diamond look catches the light even more than a regular cut making your engagement ring even more unique.

Unique Stone Ideas

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, the ring ideas you see start to look tired and the opposite of unique. Thankfully all you have to do is reconsider the stone or another small aspect of a ring to make sure you have a unique ring that few other people have. Diamonds don’t have to be the centerpiece of an engagement ring, nor do they have to be on the ring at all! It’s your ring, so it’s about time you had your own rules. Here are a few unique stones that are unique and incredibly uncommon in engagement rings, making them an excellent choice if you want a ring that has a little bit more magic in it. 


Engagement ring stones don’t always have to be cut or raw gemstones; if your partner has an interest in stones and prefers a stone like obsidian, no one should stop you! You can have a beautiful engagement ring made with obsidian which is jet black and quite smooth. It is suggested to use tumbled or worked obsidian, as the edges of raw obsidian are razor sharp in nature. Pairing this kind of stone as the main stone with smaller diamonds as secondary stones to either side would really make the obsidian pop. 

Smokey Quartz

Quartz and diamonds are difficult to tell apart with the naked eye, so if you and your partner don’t want to worry about sourcing ethical diamonds, think about quartz! Smokey quartz looks just like someone caught smoke in a clear stone, and adding one to an engagement ring would be beautiful and interesting to see. Smokey quartz would be a stone that is best placed in a gold band to really help show the different hues within the stone, but a silver band would suit it if you wanted it to blend in a little better. Quartz glitters just like diamonds as well, so you wouldn’t be sacrificing any beauty with a quartz stone. 

Raw Ruby

Raw rubies don’t have the same vibrant and deep red that cut rubies do, but these stones are incredibly unique and have an interesting and appealing appearance. It’s important to keep a raw ruby raw because cutting it will likely give you that deep red hue, and we’re trying to avoid that with this style of engagement ring. This stone appears to be a gray color, but it isn’t at all bland, a red so deep it appears gray the stone is a beautiful addition to any engagement ring, especially with an interesting band. 


Amethyst is a beautiful stone that ranges from a light purple to a deep purple color, and it is quite unlikely that people will incorporate this stone into their engagement ring. It's a unique stone that is usually used in other jewelry, but it's not at all common in engagement rings. 

This uncommon use of amethyst makes it an incredible addition to an engagement ring. A deep purple amethyst framing a diamond on a ring would be a stunning engagement ring that is unique and interesting. Amethyst isn’t a commonly used stone in rings, though it is commonly used in other kinds of jewelry.  

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a beautiful stone that many people believe represents love. Ranging from a deep pink to a light pinkish white, this stone is an excellent addition to any style of engagement ring. Rose Quartz is a fantastic stone that is unique and uncommon in engagement rings, making it unlikely your engagement ring will ever be similar to any other ring you see. The uniqueness of the stone is just one aspect, paired with an elegant band design, and this engagement ring could be truly exceptional. 

The Right Choice

Regardless of the style, stone, cut, or quality of the engagement ring, you choose the most important part of the ring is that it’s for your partner. Regardless of the decisions you make in ensuring that the ring is as special as possible, you can be sure your engagement ring will be unique, not because it has snakes, a leaf design, or an uncommon gemstone, but because it will be the start of symbolic unification of yourself and your partner. It will be yours, and for some people, that is exactly the kind of unique engagement ring for women that they’re looking for.  

If you’re looking for unique engagement rings for women, any of the ideas on this list would be an excellent choice. From interesting knotting designs to rarer stones, there are dozens of ways you can ensure that your engagement ring is unique and incredibly uncommon. 

Making the right choice for your engagement ring can be difficult, though. Remember to take into account your partner’s interests and style and make sure that your beautiful, unique engagement ring is right for them. If you’re having a hard time finding a unique and interesting engagement ring, feel free to reach out to us at Black Diamonds New York. We take pride in doing everything we can to help you find the right engagement ring for you and your partner. 

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