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Why Affordable Moissanite Engagement Rings Are the Perfect Choice

An estimated 2 million couples get married each year. Marriage is a huge turning point for couples to pledge their undying love to one another.

From the flowers to the cake, the dress, and of course the wedding rings, it really all starts with the engagement ring. That moment when you present a small box and her eyes light up and she says that one word that affirms it all, "Yes!"

Picking out a ring can be an overwhelming and, at times, expensive endeavor. But it doesn't have to be. Affordable Moissanite engagement rings have all of the beauty of diamonds without the diamond price tag.

Want to know more about the benefits and features of Moissanite engagement rings? Keep reading to discover all about Moissanite diamonds.

What is Moissanite?

Moissanite gets its name from Henri Moissan, a French scientist, who discovered it in 1893 in Arizona. Moissan found small fragments of it in the crater of a meteorite. 

Although it bears an uncanny appearance to diamonds, Moissanite is made out of a material called silicon carbide. Silicon carbide is used as an abrasive compound for sandpaper, cutting tools, and grinding wheels because of its hardness and durability. It is also utilized for melting glass and non-ferrous metals, as well as electronics and ceramics manufacturing.

While natural Moissanite is rare and expensive, scientists have been able to create a synthetic form of lab-grown Moissanite that is a diamond simulant. It takes around 2-3 months to create a Moissanite in the lab.

But just how does a Moissanite compare to a real diamond? For that, we will contrast a Moissanite stone to a diamond's 4Cs: 

  • Color
  • Cut
  • Clarity 
  • Carat

We will also compare the hardness levels of natural diamonds to Moissanite diamonds.

Diamond Color vs. Moissanite Diamond Color

For color, diamonds are rated on the GIA Scale, with lettered rankings of D to Z. The higher the letter is in the alphabet, the more pure and crystal clear appearance a diamond will have. Those with letters further down in the alphabet will have a more colorful appearance with Z diamonds having a yellow tint.

While Moissanite is not rated on this same scale, if they could have a letter grading similar to a diamond, it would fall somewhere between a J and an M. They are considered to be "colorless" but in certain lights can appear to have a yellow or greyish tinge to them.  

Diamond Cut vs. Moissanite Diamond Cut

Diamonds and other gemstones can be cut into different shapes and designs. The most common shapes and cuts of a gemstone are:

  • Round
  • Pear
  • Princess
  • Marquise
  • Cushion
  • Elongated Cushion
  • Emerald
  • Oval
  • Asscher
  • Baguette
  • Heart
  • Trillion

Moissanites are cut differently from diamonds specifically to enhance their shimmery look. They are double refractive and appear to have more fire or the appearance of rainbow colors when they are in the light. A round-cut Moissanite stone would have the most similar appearance to its diamond counterpart. 

Diamond Clarity vs. Moissanite Diamond Clarity

Diamonds sparkle due in part to their light refraction. The light passing through its facets makes it shine. On the refractive index scale, diamonds rate at a 2.42. 

All natural diamonds will have some sort of flaw either internally or externally unless they are specifically labeled as flawless or Very Very Slightly (VVS) included. Inclusions in a diamond can give them a cloudy look.

The more flawless a diamond is, the more expensive it will be. This factor can play a big part in the cost of an engagement ring. 

Moissanites have an extra sparkle to them that natural diamonds do not. On the refractive index, they have a rating of 2.65, meaning that light passes through them faster than it does with a diamond. This luster and brilliance make them stand out more. 

Lab-created Moissanites are engineered to be nearly flawless, especially to the untrained eye. They will rate at a VS level clarity or better.

A VS clarity means there are small inclusions that can only be seen under a special jeweler's enhanced 10x magnification. These slight imperfections will not affect the stone's surface appearance. 

Diamond Carat vs. Moissanite Diamond Carat

While the size and weight of a diamond are measured in Carats, a Moissanite stone's size is often measured in mm. The carat weight and size are also affected by a stone's cut and overall shape. 

For example, a 6.5mm round-cut Moisannite diamond will equal around 1.00ct, and a 7.5mm round-cut Moissanite diamond will equal around 1.50-1.75ct. 

A 7x5mm oval cut Moissanite diamond will equal around 1.00ct, but an 8x5mm pear-cut Moissanite diamond will come in around 0.90-1.00ct.

A 7x5mm emerald-cut Moissanite diamond is equivalent to about 1.05ct. A 6.5mm princess-cut Moissanite diamond will be approximately 1.70ct.

A marquise-cut Moissanite diamond measuring 10x5mm is 1.00ct. A 6.00mm cushion-cut Moissanite diamond is around 0.90-1.00ct, and an 8x6mm elongated cushion-cut Moissanite diamond is around 1.61ct. 

Moissanites are about 10-15% lighter than diamonds in weight, though this difference will only be detectable by a professional jewelry scale. 

Diamond Hardness vs. Moissanite Diamond Hardness

The Mohs Scale measures the hardness of gemstones and minerals. Minerals rate on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the hardest. Minerals receive their grading based on how scratch-resistant they are to other materials. 

A low-rated mineral will be able to scratch other minerals in its same rating level and any minerals below that level. For example, a mineral that you can easily scratch with a fingernail is going to have a low rating on the Mohs Scale, somewhere around 2.5. 

A diamond has the highest rating on the Mohs Scale with a 10 because diamonds are the hardest substance on earth. Diamonds are capable of cutting through glass. Glass rates at a 6 on the Mohs Scale for hardness. 

A Moissanite diamond, in comparison, comes in at 9.25 on the Mohs Scale. Moissanite is the second hardest gemstone next to diamonds. The only thing that could scratch a Moissanite diamond is an actual diamond.

So a Moissanite diamond and a natural diamond are almost equal in hardness. This makes a Moissanite diamond an excellent diamond alternative that will stand up to everyday wear. 

Diamond Price vs. Moissanite Diamond Price

One of the biggest differences between natural diamonds and Moissanite diamonds is their price difference.

Prices can vary from retailer to retailer based on the cut, color, clarity, and carat of a natural diamond and where it was sourced from, as well as the setting and the type of metal chosen and any other additional diamonds. 

For Moissanite diamonds, the size, cut, type of metal, and setting you choose will influence the overall price of your engagement ring. The cost of a Moissanite will be about one-tenth of the price of a diamond.

It may be possible to get a 1.00-carat Moissanite diamond for about $500 or less while a 1.00-carat natural diamond could cost upwards of $1,200 to $4,000. Affordable Moissanite engagement rings are a bargain in comparison. 

Other Moissanite Benefits to Consider

Let's recap what we have learned so far about the many Moissanite benefits. Moissanite diamonds:

  • Outshine a natural diamond's fire and brilliance
  • Possess a colorless appearance
  • Have a flawless or nearly flawless clarity
  • Can be cut to resemble a natural diamond
  • Are cost-effective diamond alternatives
  • Are durable for everyday wear 

In addition to these factors, one of the other benefits of Moissanite diamonds is that they are conflict-free. Conflict-free refers to their origin or where they were sourced from.

Because Moissanite diamonds are lab-grown and created, they do not have the blood diamond stigma attached to them as natural diamonds from some countries do.

A blood diamond is any diamond sourced from a warzone country and sold to finance warlords and further their conflict efforts.

A conflict diamond may also have been mined at great expense to the ecosystem, the economy, and the well-being of those in developing or third-world countries. Natural diamond mining practices may not be fully ethical or sustainable to the environment. 

While measures have been made to ensure that newer diamonds on the market today are more ethically sourced, older heirloom diamonds may still be the result of conflict diamonds. Some may still prefer to stay away from natural diamonds altogether because of their ethical and environmental implications.

There is no question as to the source of Moissanite diamonds because they are not mined, they are lab-grown synthetic diamonds that come with a certificate of authenticity verifying their source. Moissanite diamonds are also sustainable for the environment. This makes Moissanite diamonds and Moissanite engagement rings ideal for the socially conscious couple. 

Moissanite Engagement Rings

You may think that going with a Moissanite diamond will severely limit your options when you choose an engagement ring. But that could not be further from the truth. 

You can still find many beautiful and affordable Moissanite engagement rings that fit your style and budget. Remember, only you or a professional jeweler will be able to tell the difference.

Here are some of our favorites. 

1ct Round Moissanite Engagement Ring 

For a more traditional look, this 6.5mm equivalent 1ct Round Moissanite Engagement Ring will look stunning on anyone. The clarity is VVS1 while the color is between D, E, and F.

Mimicking the sophistication of a more expensive natural solitaire diamond, a shimmering Brilliant Moissanite sits atop a 4-pronged setting on a Rhodium-plated 925 polished sterling silver band. It is nickel- and lead-free.

The central stone has 4 accompanying smaller Moissanites, 2 on each side, with a carat weight of approximately 0.04. This affordable Moissanite engagement ring is a steal under $500.

2.5ct Moissanite 9mm Engagement Ring

If you want to up your bling factor, then this 2.5ct Moissanite 9mm Engagement Ring is the one for you. Also in a Round Brilliant cut, this 9mm 2.5ct equivalent Moissanite needs no introduction or extra flair as it sits alone in a 6-pronged claw setting.

It is sure to dazzle friends, relatives, and co-workers alike who will think you spent a small fortune. It is Rhodium-plated, nickel- and lead-free polished 925 sterling silver with Moissanite coloring D-F and clarity VVS1. 

3ct Marquise-Cut Moissanite Diamond Engagement Ring

Bold and beaming, this 3ct Marquise-Cut Moissanite Diamond Engagement Ring exudes elegance with its many sparkling facets. It is 70% silver and 30% platinum with a 925 sterling silver band that is hypo-allergenic.

Also available in 1,2, and 3ct styles with our EVN™ signature diamonds.

1ct Round Green Moissanite Woven Engagement Ring

Looking for something a little different? Try this 1ct Round Green Moissanite Woven Engagement Ring. 

A textured 925 sterling silver band gives the appearance of a twisted or woven design, featuring a 1ct round G-colored green Moissanite in a 6-pronged setting.

It is another customer favorite for affordable Moissanite engagement rings under $500.

2ct Emerald and Marquise-Cut Moissanite Diamond Ring

A simpler yet still unique sparkler, this 2ct Emerald and Marquise-Cut Moissanite Diamond Ring displays a 2ct Emerald-cut Moissanite stone in a 4-pronged setting and Marquise-cut Moissanite diamonds around the band.

It is 70% 925 sterling silver and 30% PT950 platinum, lead- and nickel-free, and it also comes in 1ct and 3ct variations or with EVN™ diamonds.    

5ct Luxury Oval Yellow Moissanite Diamond Ring

For the most bedazzled bling, this 5ct Oval Yellow Moissanite Diamond Engagement Ring will turn heads in the best possible way. 

A 2-pronged set 5ct yellow oval Moissanite diamond sits surrounded by a halo of 24 smaller Moissanite round stones. It is further complemented with two Baguette-cut clear stones. It is 70% silver 925 with 30% PT950 platinum. 

Available in 3ct and 5ct with our EVN™ diamonds, it can be paired with a 1ct 6.5mm Yellow Moissanite Necklace for a truly jaw-dropping and high-end look without the price tag to match.

Of course, this is just a small sampling of the many affordable Moissanite engagement rings we have in store. The engagement ring you choose will ultimately be up to you and your partner's budget and style preferences.

Affordable Moissanite Engagement Rings and More

Now that you know affordable Moissanite engagement rings are within reach, you'll want to see all we have to offer at Black Diamonds New York. 

When you choose an engagement ring from us, you are getting beauty, affordability, and quality all in one. Yes, we stand by the quality of our items with our 100% money-back guarantee. We can even help you custom design the ring of your dreams.

Black Diamonds New York offers hassle-free returns and exchanges and shipping is free worldwide. All of our diamonds are certified conflict-free too.

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