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32 Dazzling Small Engagement Rings For Your Budget

About 2.6 million weddings are about to take place in 2022... and they're bigger and better than ever. This year's wedding boom sees couples spending about $34,000 for their weddings on average, a number that includes the cost of small engagement rings and subtle wedding rings.

Because of inflation in other areas of the wedding industry, paying thousands of dollars for jewelry might not be a feasible option. Luckily, there are many more amazing and high-quality alternatives on the market than ever before.

If you and your partner are one of the lucky couples looking to tie the knot this year, it's important that you find engagement rings that look great on any occasion. Subtlety is key for many couples, so you'll need to check out and weigh multiple small ring options. Read on to learn some beautiful, affordable, and sophisticated alternatives to small diamond rings.

1. A Cushion Cut Classic

Moissanite is a diamond alternative that's made to look precisely like these traditional engagement ring stones. When you buy from a top-notch retailer, all moissanite will be certified and pass the diamond test for aesthetics and durability.

Our 3.5-carat cushion cut moissanite engagement ring is ideal for those who want a sophisticated ring to celebrate their betrothal. Its classic beauty is nearly indistinguishable from a real diamond (and comes at a completely affordable rate).

These small simple engagement rings are made with a thin band that ensures the stone stands out. One of the best things about this traditional style is that the moissanite can come in several colors:

  • Classic clear
  • Green
  • Blue-green/teal
  • Yellow
  • Gray
  • Black

This means that the ring can be perfectly tailored to fit your partner's taste and wardrobe. You can choose a traditional clear sparkling gemstone, but you can also select a color that is meaningful to you and your relationship.

2. Solitaire Simplicity

Another one of our most basic solitaire rings comes with a round-cut synthetic diamond. You can also get it in moissanite of any hue.

Our six-claws classic engagement ring is a solitaire ring because it only has a simple stone. It's similar to a classic cushion-cut piece in this way. However, the stone has a unique round cut that brings all of the light toward its center.

The end result is a gorgeous amalgamation of colors that anyone would be proud to wear. This ring is made from high-quality sterling silver but can also be created in any color of gold.

Its three-prong setting accentuates the diamond by elevating it while not being too eye-grabbing. This style is ideal for those who want the most classic and basic ring that will look perfect on any occasion.

3. Lovely, Looping, and Classy

Another classic ring that your partner may love is the 1.25 carat round cut moissanite ring. This classic style also works well as a promise ring, but it's perfect for those who want a small and subtle ring to celebrate their nuptials.

The sterling silver and white-gold band features a classic looping pattern. It simulates the feeling of intertwining vines, which is a great symbol to showcase the way that you and your partner are growing together. Your lives are woven in the same way that the band is.

One of the two interlocked "vines" is covered in smaller moissanite stones that match the round-cut one at the center of the ring. This creates an all-around beautiful look that anyone is sure to love.

Plus, since round-cut gemstones look amazing with any other accessories or wardrobe items, your loved one will always be glad to show off both the ring and the commitment on any occasion.

4. Other Classic Cuts

If you're a fan of our cushion-cut moissanite engagement ring and its simple band, there are also similar cuts available to you. We pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of small engagement rings.

That's why we also have minimalist Asscher, emerald, halo, and oval-cut rings. Regardless of which you think your partner will like best, there's no need to sacrifice the versatile everyday aesthetic that you're looking for.

5. Band-Based Small Engagement Rings

Most solitaire rings feature a larger stone that's elevated above the band. However, this isn't the only style of simple, one-stoned rings available to you. If your partner is drawn toward rings that feature a single diamond but also prefers subtler styles, this EVN diamond ring's simple design is likely perfect for their finger.

It features a simple, solid band that spans all the way around the finger. Its lack of adornment makes it ideal for those who only want one stone to stand out. This stone is a tiny EVN diamond that's embedded into the center of the band, which frames it with straight edges on both sides.

Unlike other solitaire rings, the diamond is level with the sides of the ring. It's essentially built as though it's part of the band. Everything is polished off with white-gold plating and a fine, sophisticated finish.

6. A Diamond-Studded Special

Love the idea of a moissanite-studded band but want something simpler and thinner? You'll adore our 3.0-carat cushion cut certified moissanite ring. This subtle design features the same central moissanite as our classic cushion cut band does. However, rather than having a plain band, it's studded in smaller moissanite that would span the tip of your partner's finger.

This is a small engagement ring for those who want something that shimmers and shines. Plus, like all our rings, you can request a personal engraving on the inside of the band that features a word or date that's meaningful to your partnership.

It also is the perfect choice when looking for something to pair with a wedding band from the actual ceremony. It looks great with an unadorned silver or white-gold band above or below it. You could also pair it with a thin moissanite-studded band that features no central stone.

7. Special Design Six Prong Ring

Another choice for those who like gemstone-studded bands is our 2-carat six-prong special design ring. This features a round-cut diamond that is held in place by six prongs rather than four. This is a more intricate way to get a symmetrical look for your engagement ring.

It also makes sense when you consider the way that the band is made. It's made primarily from metal, which stands out around the band's square edges.

Tiny pieces of moissanite lay within the center of the metal and span the wearer's finger, but they don't cover the entire width of the band. This lets you showcase both the high-end metal and the stones that make up your engagement ring.

Like all of our rings, we offer the ability to customize this gorgeous band. You can choose the color of your stones as well as the metal that the band is made from. This lets you create awesome color combinations to make the ring as unique as possible.

8. Rectangles & Ovals

One of the most interesting ways to make your engagement ring stand out is by playing with shape and texture. That's why our emerald and marquise cut moissanite ring is a great choice for those looking for something unique.

This ring features a rectangular emerald-cut stone at its center. The bold, clear lines lead to great refraction as light both bounces off the stone's edges and towards its center. This vertical rectangle is accentuated by a band made from multiple horizontal ovals joined together.

The orientation of the shapes creates a perfect balance, as does the combination of sharp edges and soft curves. Each oval contains a small piece of moissanite to match the center stone. Your partner is sure to love the way that this subtle piece sparkles all around her finger.

9. Majestic Marquise Cuts

If you love vertically-oriented stones but want something with sharp edges, our 1.5-carat marquise cut ring is definitely something to consider.

The central stone is about the same height as our emerald cut options, but its shape is more of a diamond/oval hybrid. The sides are rounded and long, but the points at the top and bottom where they meet are as sharp as Cupid's arrow.

This stone stands out on six-pronged footing. The slim band is studded in matching smaller stones with a round cut. This simple ring is a favorite among those who want to give their partner something bold and daring while still leaning into small subtlety.

10. Minimalist Magnificence

While many classic engagement rings feature stones on the band or a slightly larger centerpiece, there are also options for those who truly want their engagement rings small. No compromises.

Our white gold round cut moissanite solitaire style is made with the most classic minimalists in mind to ensure that those who love subtlety can have the perfect ring to fit their lifestyle. This ring features the same white-gold-plated sterling silver band as our other classic small rings, but it's extremely slim.

It also doesn't feature any additional gemstones, which lets the moissanite in the center really stand out. This round-cut stone is only 8mm and is held in place by small brackets that bring its exquisite shine to the forefront of its style.

11. Asscher-Cut Delight

Asscher-cut stones are similar to emerald cuts but have a unique and distinct cutting pattern. They are squarer than emerald cuts and have prominently-cut corners. Their facets create a gorgeous geometric pattern that's reminiscent of vintage engagement rings.

Our ring's Asscher-cut centerpiece is framed by two smaller stones in a thin, minimalistic band. The lack of band detail or width allows the stone to stand out beautifully. Plus, each of the four prongs holding the stone in place has two parts, so you won't need to worry about the ring lacking metal accents.

Like many of our rings, you can choose the type of stone that you want. Sona simulated diamonds are extremely similar to natural diamonds and are practically indistinguishable from them. Moissanite is a popular alternative because it has a more brilliant shine when placed in the light.

Both of these options are excellent choices depending on the wants and needs of your partner!

12. Rose Gold Revelry

Rose gold is a classic that never goes out of style. Its romantic beauty stems from its light pink tinge that creates a unique rose hue. This gives the pieces a soft glow that any blushing bride will love.

Additionally, because rose gold is made from an alloy of pure gold and copper, it's extremely durable. It's sure to last as long as your infinite love. Luckily, the persistence of this trend means that there are hundreds of options available for small engagement ring styles.

One of the best is the Rose Gold Cushion Cut engagement ring that pairs the unique hue of rose gold with a peach-colored morganite stone. This cohesive look is great for women who love to match metals and gems.

Pink Moissanite is another available option for those that want a classy diamond-look stone. Regardless of which of these options you choose, we're committed to fine craftsmanship and a look that shines and shimmers as a natural diamond would.

13. Minimalism in Rose

If you fall in love with rose gold but don't want to compromise subtlety, we have great news for you. You can have your cake and eat it too with our brilliant round-cut rose gold engagement ring.

This band is extremely similar to our round-cut classic, but the stone stands out on a brilliant rose-gold band. The pinkish hue offsets the white moissanite nicely to create a cohesive and complementary aesthetic.

When you choose this ring, you don't need to compromise your dream of small gold engagement rings to get a romantic pink glow. It seamlessly draws both of these elements together within one sparkling engagement band.

14. Rose-Gold Emerald Cuts

While most emerald-cut rings feature a vertical rectangle, our rose-gold emerald-cut design switches things up. It holds the main stone horizontally within four light-pink prongs that bring out its beautiful white hue.

Additionally, the band features two round-cut stones that frame the main centerpiece. Each of these round moissanite or simulated diamonds is held in place by three prongs for a classy triangular aesthetic.

This ring is perfect for those who want to put a fresh spin on a classic cut. It also is ideal for those who want a slimmer ring with a stone that matches the band's orientation. In short, it's a top-notch choice for those who enjoy small simple engagement rings that still turn heads.

15. A Vintage Opal

Pearl and opal are classic features of vintage-style rings. They were valuable stones in bygone eras and remain so today. They've withstood the test of time, as has the vintage idea of framing the center stone as though it were an ornate photograph or mirror.

That's why our vintage-style opal ring is set within a detailed and highly textured rose gold frame. This frame doesn't just feature small moissanite in any color that you choose but also has small raised rose-gold bumps between the stones. It looks perfect with white or pink moissanite to match the band.

Like our emerald and marquise cut moissanite ring, the band of this vintage-style opal piece also features ovular diamonds around the band. Each of them is framed and held in place with a textured rose-gold border frame.

Ultimately, this ring is one that every historical fashion buff will love. However, it still has a modern twist that makes it easy to pair with daily outfits.

16. More Vintage Luxury

If you love a vintage ring but aren't sold on the idea of an opal stone or sharp edges, our vintage luxury engagement band might be the right choice for you. It features a square princess-cut diamond in the center that's raised on an elevated platform within the band. Princess cuts have been popular since the 60s and feature a versatile square shape.

As is common with vintage rings, this band is studded with beautiful patterns. The platform holding the center stone contains two teardrop-shaped moissanite or synthetic diamonds that face outward. Tiny round-cut stones frame each teardrop within a sharper triangular edge that tapers down above an ornate band.

The raised patterns on the band feature several organic and geometric shapes. This texture usually accentuates a sterling silver band, but you can custom-request one made from gold. You don't need to sacrifice your rose-gold dreams if you don't want to!

17. Roaring Round-Cuts

Round-cut rings may be modern classics, but that doesn't mean that you can't get one that stems back to a vintage design. Our vintage style 2.5-carat engagement ring features a single stone within a sophisticated setting.

Its silver prongs attach to an intricately-designed platform that elevates the synthetic diamond or moissanite. The organic and geometric patterns give the band some texture, as do the smaller stones adorning areas of the setting.

The band itself is simultaneously simple and elegant as well. The band is adorned with smaller stones on the sides of the center diamond, but these only are on the front of the ring. The back is as simple as a solitaire ring.

18. Alexandrite Princess Cuts

Alexandrite is one of the coolest stones for engagement rings because it changes color in different lighting. When you get your partner a ring made from this unique material, you aren't choosing a specific hue. Instead, the stone will change from magenta to dark blue to all shades in between.

One of our most beautiful alexandrite rings is our princess cut gemstone band. This ring features a square ring that sits within its setting with a point up. It's a diamond shape despite not being made with a diamond stone!

The sharp points of this stone are accentuated with triangular bunches of white synthetic diamond or moissanite. They sit at the corners of the stone that lay across the band and point outwards. Eventually, these glimmering accents taper off onto a classic silver band.

These engagement ring small options are ideal for those who want color as a defining feature for their piece. They're otherwise simple and elegant to ensure that all of their hues are noticeable and clear.

19. Oval Alexandrite Milgrain

While many vintage rings are round and soft, others really pack a punch with sharp corners and pointed edges. Our oval-stone alexandrite Milgrain style is one of the best engagement rings small fingers can showcase.

Its center stone is ovular in the same way that our vintage opal ring is, but it's placed in a frame with six sharp prongs framing the edges. Additionally, the top, bottom, and sides of the stone near the band feature three round-cut moissanite in a triangular pattern. This makes things even sharper.

The sharpness, however, isn't only offset by the oval stone. It also stands out when compared to the soft rose glow of the band. This soft-colored band also has small horizontal ovals across its surface.

They're similar to our vintage opal ring but do not feature stones in their centers, instead opting to showcase more of the high-quality pink metal. Basically, if you love vintage accessories and want something with high contrast in all of its elements, this is the ring for you.

20. Gorgeous Garnet

Using rose gold for your ring's metal features isn't the only way to add a pop of color to your partner's finger. You also don't need to rely solely on colored moissanite for your small engagement ring. There are other precious gemstones that you can propose with beyond classic simulated diamonds and diamond alternatives.

For example, while our glimmering garnet ring does incorporate rose gold plating, it accentuates this romantic pink glow with a triangular-shaped garnet. It's held in place by three prongs- one at each corner of the stone- for sophisticated horizontal symmetry.

Additionally, the solid band has two long openings in its front. These openings surround the garnet and bring it to the forefront of the design. The back of the ring shimmers because of the solid rose gold surface that your partner is sure to love.

21. Flame-Red Rubies

Another of our favorite gemstone rings is a classic ruby design. Rubies are worth a lot and provide a unique flair that some people feel that classic diamonds can capture.

You can request rubies (or any other stones) to replace moissanite or diamond within all of our minimalist rings. Remember that there are limitless possibilities open to you when you work with us.

However, if you want a top-notch ruby design and are a fan of vintage looks, our 1.0-carat oval-cut ruby ring is a great option. This small ring features an eye-grabbing ruby center that contrasts with smaller white stones surrounding it.

While still subtle and simple, this engagement ring is flashy because of its moissanite portrait-style frame. Round-cut stones border the top and bottom of the vertical oval. The sides are flanked by emerald-cut stones that sit beside the very center of the oval-cut ruby.

The looping oval band looks just like our oval alexandrite Milgrain band but in silver gold rather than rose gold. The use of metal and texture make the ring ideal for those who want a shining accessory that matches the dress code for any occasion.

22. Split Shank Blue Sapphire Rings

Garnet and ruby are awesome choices for those looking to express fiery passion. However, it doesn't work well with all wardrobes. While it's perfect for those who wear a lot of warm and neutral colors, it won't match cooler wardrobes.

If your partner prefers blues and greens, you're going to want a sapphire stone to go with their everyday outfits. In color psychology, blue is a calm and steady hue that provides comfort. Because of this, a sapphire is a great way to keep your partner calm and secure in the lifelong love that you share.

Our split-shank sapphire cushion-cut band is ideal for those who want something both calming and invigorating. The main stone is held in place by sharp two-claw prongs. This is a great contrast to the cool and collected blue of the sapphire.

The ring also features two white diamonds or moissanite that lead the eye seamlessly from the opal to the split-shank band. This silver band is well-textured and features small metal bumps on each shank. It's symmetrical and complex despite its small size, making it perfect for engagements and weddings.

23. Awesome Aquamarine

Aquamarine is another blue stone that cool-color enthusiasts are sure to love. It's also the March birthstone, so if your partner was born then it's an even greater gift than it otherwise would be.

But the light, waterlike blue color of aquamarine is perfect for everyone regardless of their star sign. This is especially true when you get a radiant cut ring that refracts light to create small blue flecks. The combination of cut and color creates one of the most complex and visually stunning engagement rings on the market.

This ring also features two white simulated diamonds and a sterling silver band. Blue pairs well with these cooler hues. Plus, the classic simplicity of white diamonds and simple metals bring out the brilliant aquamarine so that it's more eye-grabbing than ever before.

24. Exquisite Emeralds

While blue invokes the feeling of calming waters, green is beautiful in a different way. It makes people feel safe and secure while symbolizing good luck and fortune. However, it also invokes the peaceful feelings that stem from being part of the natural world.

Emeralds are a great choice for those who love cool colors and natural looks. This is especially true when you choose a small emerald-cut engagement ring. The hue and the cut are quite literally made for each other since the cut brings out the green stone's hidden depths.

Our emerald engagement ring is simpler than other vintage rings. The white-stone border is smaller than the frames on other rings and leads into a single-shank band. It's an awesome choice for those who want to get their partner something that's both luxurious and minimalistic.

25. Say Yes to Yellow

Yellow is an energetic color that makes people feel refreshed and active. This makes it perfect for couples that enjoy having adventures, moving around, and feeling lively.

However, in the world of jewelry, yellow gold is also a status symbol. People believe it to be the purest form of the material because it has the highest concentration of natural gold. The alloys aren't prevalent enough to change the natural hue of the metal.

That's why getting your partner a yellow engagement ring is often an amazing status symbol. And what better way to show off a yellow-gold band than as a frame for light yellow moissanite?

The yellow stone at the center of this ring is a rose-cut gem, which brings out the shimmering hues as flares of golden light. Its 8-pronged setting gives it the feel of the sun surrounded by bright rays.

26. Fancy Pink Elegance

If your partner likes to think pink and wear bold hues, our fancy pink six-claw engagement ring will make them light up.

This fresh spin on a classic solitaire ring centers a round-cut synthetic diamond in bright magenta. It sparkles various hues of pink in different lighting and looks amazing when paired with its simple band.

This band generally looks best in silver and white gold, but some people also go for rose gold if they want to match their pink stone's hues. The band is covered in tiny round-cut white diamonds or moissanite for an even more luxurious look.

27. Black Beauty

Black is a unique hue in that it contains both no colors and every other color in the universe. Physically speaking, it has no color at all and absorbs both natural and artificial light. Artistically, though, people tend to think of black as a hue in which all other colors meet and meld.

Regardless of which interpretation you prefer, it's inarguable that black diamonds make for great engagement rings. This popular trend is becoming more mainstream so that couples can have a mysterious, exotic, and elite accessory. They also match any jewelry metal or favorite outfit that you can think of.

A rose-gold ring featuring a round black moissanite stone is the perfect choice for unique couples. The central stone is held in place by 10 inky prongs, each shaped like a curved claw or rose-studded tentacle. This gives the small black band an even more unique look because it invokes the mystery of the sea and its depths.

28. Gothic Florals

If you're going for a more gothic vibe when choosing your black ring, you may like our modern black rose ring style. This is one of our top engagement ring small designs because of its simple black stone at the heart of its rose-shaped frame.

This unique round-cut moissanite absorbs all light and integrates seamlessly into the beautiful dark rose. Its silver band is accented by a twining black thorn design that contains tiny oval-cut pieces of white moissanite near the thorny points. These stones match the sterling silver or 14-carat white-gold band.

Black roses are exceedingly unique as they are flowers that don't exist in the natural world. They're the perfect symbol of a love that you believe is so powerful that it's unreal. They also are ideal for hard-earned partnerships that require commitment and dedication.

29. Rose Gold and Black Moissanite

If you like the idea of black diamond rings but want a smaller, subtler, and simpler design, our black moissanite stackable wedding ring is perfect for you. This ring is unique in that it lacks a center stone. Instead, the extremely thin band is lined with tiny black stones across its entire length.

In the center, there are slightly larger black stones that sit above the main band. The shape is evocative of a tiara, especially because of the luxurious sheen that the rose gold provides. The prong setting is also extremely subtle and doesn't detract from the magical royal aesthetic that this piece provides.

Stackability is another awesome feature of this crownlike ring. Because it's so thin, it's ideal for those who want to add a wedding ring to the design. All you need to do is use a slender and subtle ring in a matching color during your wedding ceremony. 

30. Straight Stackables

Stackable rings are awesome because your partner can always wear mementos of both your engagement and wedding day. They also go great together assuming that you get small simple engagement rings with the slenderest possible bands.

Black Diamonds offers an extremely basic yet beautiful straight stackable engagement ring. Its band is completely even and features no center stone. Instead, tiny round-cut moissanite pieces are embedded within a solid metal band frame.

You can also add to your stackable set by getting more rings on future occasions. Consider getting the same band with different color gemstones on anniversaries. If you ever renew your vows, this further commitment can also add another ring to your loved one's hand.

This ring is specially made not to rust or tarnish, just as all of our rings are. This means that you can keep adding rings for the rest of your life without needing to replace old ones. Assuming that you maintain them well, none of them will look aged in comparison to even the newest rings in the set.

31. Eternity and Beyond

Stackable eternity rings are ideal for those who want to put a fresh and unique spin on the stackable band concept. They come in several styles from straight to looping. You can choose them in tons of different colors, mixing and matching white, yellow, and rose gold.

The main feature of each of these rings is their thin width and stone-studded band. Like simple stackables, they're made to come in greater quantities than one. You can mix and match stone colors as well as metals for a complex array of colors.

The fact that these bands come in many different shapes and styles is another great opportunity for complexity. You can pair different shapes and textures to bring out the best qualities in each ring.

32. Heart-Shaped Happiness

Are you a fan of interestingly-shaped stones that give your engagement ring a little extra meaning? Our heart-cut ring that features a 5-carat simulated diamond is an excellent choice. This tiny heart is held in place by four prongs, the top two having two feet rather than just one.

While not quite a vintage-style ring, this band does have one element that many 60s engagements ring shared. The band begins at both the top and bottom of the stone near each prong. They then come together to form one joined band that circles the front of the finger in a minimalist and simplistic way.

Since heart shapes express the idea of your fast-beating and ever-loving heart, this is a great choice for engagement rings. It's an eternal sign that your heart is always with your partner, both metaphorically and symbolically.

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Choosing a band to celebrate your upcoming commitment can be a challenge. After all, there are thousands of styles available to you from jewelers across the world. However, when it comes to small engagement rings, nothing can compare to a thin band, glimmering moissanite, and high-class metals.

Now that you know some of the top engagement ring designs available to you, it's time to get started. Black Diamond New York is committed to providing you with high-quality and long-lasting rings at an affordable price. Our small subtle engagement rings are each handcrafted to meet your precise, one-of-a-kind expectations.

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