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About To Pop the Question: Where to Buy The Most Affordable and Unique Engagement Rings?

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  The excitement of a new engagement can leave many scrambling for ideas when it comes to rings, photo ops, and the ever present question lurking - will they say yes?!  While we can’t help you answer that question or help you pick a spot to propose, we CAN help you get the most affordable and unique engagement ring ever! Here at Black Diamonds New York, we strive to create rings that will last a lifetime on your finger but not a lifetime on your credit report!  We believe that everyone deserves an engagement ring as unique as themselves. 

      In the past, you had only a handful of options when that right time came to purchase a ring. You could peruse the cases upon cases of run of the mill rings at your local jeweler, either at a private jeweler or a chain. You could create your own ring at a higher end shop - only to come out with a ring that lacks personality and individuality. Today, the market for rings is flooded and it's increasingly harder to tell what is worth it and what's not. In the age of photoshop and editing, lots of people get tricked into thinking they are buying something of substance, then- upon arrival, it is not at all like what they were enticed to purchase. Here at Black Diamonds New York, we pride ourselves on the promise of what you see is what you get. We offer one of a kind unique engagement rings that will leave your partner in awe, wondering how you made such a killer decision!

     We offer personalized rings that won't break the bank. During the design process, our resident designer and artist curates rings with all kinds of women in mind. Size, shape, color, jewel placement all go into our process of creating the most unique rings for your partner. Unlike many sites, we offer rings that march to a beat of their own drum so to speak. We can't help but to mismatch colors and one of a kind band designs. Our rings will pass any diamond test and when put up against a natural diamond - hold their own! With virtually no way of identifying a mined diamond from one of our moissanite rings - the answer has never been simpler, go with one of our top rated engagement sets. Choose from one of our curated sets as pictured below or create your own unique combination. 


        Life is too short to buy a boring ring! Aside from the fact that all of our unique engagement rings are handcrafted and meticulously made from first sketch to final touches, we also offer free styling and immaculate customer service when it comes to upkeep for your prized possession. So what are you waiting for? Go on and take a look at our engagement ring section and let your mind and imagination dream up your perfect ring today! 


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