Share Your Love Story And Get Rewarded

Share your love story and inspire others! We celebrate love stories and the meaningful role jewelry plays in life's special moments. 

Do you have a story about how our jewelry became a part of your love story?

We'd love to hear it! Tell us why you chose our jewelry and how it added to your special moment. Your honest feedback can help other shoppers find the perfect piece for their own love story. As a thank you for your time and contribution, we'll compensate you for your participation.


  1. Record a short video (30 seconds to 1 minute) sharing your honest experience with your purchase.
  2. Tell us what you love about it and how it's impacted you or your love story.
  3. Submit your video through our website or email


As a thank you for your time and feedback, you'll receive a reward from our team (e.g. partial refund, gift card, luxury gift set, etc.).


Your voice matters! Sharing your story can inspire others and help them make informed decisions.

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