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7 Tips for Shopping for Silver Engagement Rings

Out of all of the gifts that someone could shop for or receive, an engagement ring would have to top the list. Since it symbolizes a person’s intention to fully commit to someone else, a lot of effort has to go into selecting the perfect one.

When it comes to silver engagement rings, there are a couple of immediate reasons why they are a smart choice. For starters, silver rings are significantly less expensive than gold ones. Also, if your partner prefers silver jewelry (or white gold instead of yellow gold), they will probably prefer a silver engagement ring, hands down.

This doesn’t mean that shopping for this kind of engagement ring is as simple as purchasing a silver pendant or bracelet. In order to end up with an engagement ring that you can feel good about (and your partner will love), there are a few things to keep in mind.

We’ve provided you with seven tips — along with a few other insights about silver engagement rings — that can make the selection process easier for you.

What Silver Symbolizes in Color Psychology

A fun fact that you might not be aware of is that silver is a metal that represents things like grace, elegance, and wealth. All of these are great messages to send when giving someone a silver engagement ring.

The Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewelry

It needs to go on record that if you decide to go with a silver engagement ring, it’s important that it’s made from sterling silver. There are different reasons why this is a wise option:

  • Sterling silver is durable
  • Sterling silver doesn’t clash with other metals
  • Sterling silver is hypoallergenic
  • Sterling silver is easy to maintain

Just make sure that you only purchase a silver ring that contains 92.5 percent silver or more. This means that it’s an alloy ring that contains mostly silver along with copper or another metal. If the sterling silver reveals this percentage, you will know that it is the cream of the crop as far as silver is concerned.

The Health Benefits of Purchasing Silver Jewelry

Speaking of the benefits of buying a silver engagement ring, it might surprise you to know that there are several health-related perks that come with wearing one, too:

  • The ions in silver jewelry pull electromagnetic radiation away from the body, which can improve blood circulation
  • Silver jewelry can help to decrease microorganisms that produce bacteria in your system
  • Silver jewelry contains properties that help to regulate your body heat
  • Silver jewelry can help to improve your moods

As you can see, going with a silver engagement ring comes with many practical benefits; especially when it comes to your overall health and well-being.

Are There Any Downsides to Making a Silver Engagement Ring Purchase?

Just so we can be as forthcoming with you as possible, you might be wondering if there are any “cons” that come with getting a silver ring. The truth is, not many.

There are a couple of challenges to keep in mind, though. First, because silver is a softer metal than gold, it’s more prone to damage. Another other issue is that silver does tarnish over time. As far as tarnishing goes, this is what can make it happen faster:

The good news is sterling silver doesn’t tarnish very easily. Still, if your silver ring ends up turning black (that’s the color tarnish appears like on silver), you can clean it from the comfort and convenience of your home. You can pour some baking soda and salt onto a piece of foil and then add some boiling water on top.


If you put your silver jewelry into that, the hydrogen gas will help to remove the tarnish almost immediately.

How to Pick the Perfect Silver Engagement Ring

Now you know the benefits that come with wearing a silver ring. You’re also aware of some of its potential challenges and how to remove tarnish from it. What’s next is learning about the steps that you should keep in mind while looking for the silver engagement ring that is perfect for you and your partner.

1. Know What the Current Market Price for Sterling Silver Is

First, it’s important that you know what the current market price of your ring is. Having this knowledge will help you to know how much money you should prepare to spend when shopping for a silver engagement ring. This is essential because, even though silver rings are less expensive, if the price tag is too low, it could mean that the ring is low-quality or even that the metal is fake.

For these same reasons, if you plan on going to a jewelry store to buy your ring, you should inquire about their pricing methods. Oftentimes, what they will factor into the cost is the quality of the materials, the labor that it took to make the ring, and its packaging.

2. Look for Certain Ring Specifications

When you’re buying silver jewelry, in general, you might not care as much about its grade. Silver engagement rings should be the exception. When it comes to them, “sterling” and “.925” should be featured somewhere on their packaging.

Something else that you should be on the lookout for is if “EPNS” shows up anywhere. It stands for “electro plated nickel silver”. As you can probably already guess, anything that is “plated” is something that isn’t of the best quality.

3. Make Sure That It Has a Mark of Approval

Something that is common with the selling of high-end silver is you will notice a stamp somewhere on it. For instance, if you see the number “925” on the ring, that means that it’s 92.5 percent sterling silver. That indicates it’s a good quality ring.

For the record, if for some reason you decided to purchase the ring internationally, other numbers that indicate a wise purchase are 900 and 800. Do not settle for anything other than these numbers.

4. Perform Some of Your Own “Authenticity Tests”

While going engagement ring shopping for silver rings, there are certain tests that you can perform to test the authenticity of the silver. One of them is to use a magnet. If you put a ring beside a magnet and the ring catches onto it, that means there is a lot of nickel in the ring. It’s also a clear sign that you should not buy it.

Another test is to rub a clean white cloth across the ring. If you notice any black marks on the cloth, it’s a good ring. That’s because real silver oxidizes and creates black marks as a direct result.

Although it might sound odd, take a moment to sniff the ring. This is an effective test because silver is a metal that’s odorless. So, if it smells like sulfur or metallic in some way, the ring is probably silver-plated.

Finally, gently scratch the ring. If any part of it “flakes off” and you see another metal underneath it, this also means that the ring is plated.

5. Be Careful About Getting Silver Engagement Rings Online

Around one-third of individuals have bought an engagement ring online, so it’s an option to consider. However, if you decide to go this route, there are a few things you must know to protect your purchase:

  • Do a considerable amount of “browser shopping” (don’t go with the first site that you see)
  • Prefer a site that has a physical location as well (that helps to prove its authenticity)
  • The site needs to be reputable and come with customer reviews
  • Make sure they have a clear refund policy (most reputable stores will give a full refund or credit)
  • Double-check that the ring comes with a warranty (preferable a lifetime one)
  • Find out what the resizing fee is (should the ring not properly fit and you need to return it)
  • Shipping should require that you either sign for your ring or that it comes to you by UPS or FedEx

If you’re contemplating making an online purchase, you need to be able to check all of these things off in your mind. Otherwise, go to another site. You’ll be glad that you did.

6. Make Sure That You Can Actually Converse with the Prospective Seller(s)

Did you know that in 2021, the Federal Trade Commission received 2.8 million online fraud reports? Unfortunately, scamming online is alive and well. That’s why it’s imperative that you’re able to communicate with prospective jewelry sellers before buying anything from them.

If the company of reputable, you should be able to get them on the phone — at the very least, communicate via chatting. If the site has no phone number, chat, or email listed on it, you should seriously hesitate about doing business with them.

A trustworthy business understands that you are making a pricy investment. They will want to put your mind at ease by being available for any questions, comments, or concerns that you might have.

7. Follow Certain Rules When Making an Engagement Ring Purchase

Now you know more about what to look for when buying silver jewelry. That said, it’s important to remember certain tips when purchasing an engagement ring overall:

  • Decide if you want a diamond or other type of gemstone for the ring
  • Learn the differences between a prong, bezel, and halo setting
  • If you want a diamond, become a self-educated expert about diamond shapes and cuts
  • Remember the four Cs for diamonds: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight
  • Look at gemstones under different kinds of light
  • Thoroughly research jewelers
  • Have a budget and stick to it

Two Common Mistakes That Are Sometimes Made With Engagement Rings

Two mistakes that many people make, whether they are looking for a silver engagement ring or a different one, are not knowing what metal their partner would prefer and/or not knowing their ring size. If your partner already owns a lot of silver jewelry, that’s a good sign that they would probably appreciate a silver engagement ring. However, white gold is always an option, so you might want to casually ask what their favorite meal is.

When it comes to your partner’s ring size, if you don’t know what it is, there are a few ways to find out. You can trace the outside of a ring that they already own on a piece of paper, or you can press one of their rings into a bar of soap (in order to make an impression of it). You can ask someone close to them if they’ve ever mentioned their ring size before.

The reason why it’s important to keep all of these points in mind is that proposing is not a do-over kind of event. And so, you want your partner to be excited about the ring that they are receiving. At the same time, you also want to avoid needing to get it refitted (if at all possible) by getting one that is the right size in the first place.

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Silver Engagement Ring

Hopefully, you feel more confident about buying silver engagement rings. If you happen to have any other questions or you’re not sure if you have the right idea in mind of what to buy, we’d be more than happy to help. Feel free to contact us for a VIP consultation or send us an email support@blackdiamondsnewyork.com.

We’d be thrilled to help make your purchase an unforgettable one. One that you and your partner will love for a lifetime!

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