Certified Diamonds

NATURAL DIAMONDS – certified GIA, IGL, EGL, or DGI. Stones guaranteed and certified.

MOISSANITE- certified GRA. We only use the best of the best! D-F/VVS1 Clarity. Our primary moissanite is available in clear, black, yellow, green and grey. While we also offer other colored moissanite, note that these are coated and may fade overtime. However, every one of them will pass the diamond test. Black Diamonds- New York Moissanite is among the hardest minerals on earth, more durable than sapphire, ruby, or emerald. They are also considered more brilliant than diamond at a fraction of the cost. 


EVN™ STONES- This is the newest masterpiece of our lab using the same process as our CVD Diamonds. They are not natural diamonds but they look like one– brighter, shinier, and even more mesmerizing than any stone we laid our eyes upon. Superiorly cleaner and flawless than any stone. EVN stones are without a doubt an excellent alternative to real diamonds.

SONA SIMULATED DIAMONDS- Not mined diamonds but sparkle like one. It is difficult to distinguish the two with the naked eyes. Each stone is cut to maximize the radiance with the intent to create a collectible custom piece. Polished with natural diamond polishing wheels- the exact process to polish high-quality natural stones. Expert diamond cutters guarantee that our Sona Simulated Diamonds are a cut above the rest. Premium stone with excellent cut, no one would know you did not spend a fortune. 

CREATED DIAMONDS - Not natural earthed diamonds but these are very expensive stones. The stones are made from zirconium dioxide that boast fine colour, no colour mixing, and a superb cut, which result in a beautiful duplication of nature. 

NATURAL GEMSTONES - We offer natural gemstones including amethyst, citrine, garnet, ruby, sapphire, emerald, morganite, peridot, topaz, aquamarine rose quartz, and tourmaline. Plus many more.

All our Natural Diamonds and lab-grown Moissanite Diamonds will pass the diamond test. Our EVN™ Stones, CVD Diamonds, Sona Simulated Diamonds and Created Diamonds are lab-grown diamond imitators and will not pass the test. However, these are the BEST alternatives to natural diamonds. They look just the same, but they cost much less. At about only 1% of the cost of a diamond, you can take a stone that is equally beautiful and shining. Check our stone authenticity for more info.

All our Natural Diamonds with 0.40 carat and up will come with GIA certificate and GRA certificate for all our Moissanite with .50 carat and up. Certiciates for all custom-cut moissanite and natural diamonds are only available upon request. 

When you purchase an engagement ring with us, you become a valued member of the Black Diamonds- New York family. We pride ourselves on providing continuous premium service, including care and repair, complimentary ring polishing and a full lifetime diamond service.

Black rhodium silver or gold is dark grey to black in color plating. Black plating is a very intricate process and varies each time. Plating longevity is very dependent on the individual and the environmental conditions it is exposed to, water, soaps, natural skin oils, chemicals etc. Black rhodium is a temporary finish only, we have seen plating last anywhere from days, months to even years. This depends on how well it's looked after and also the natural oils in our skin. Black rhodium can be redone at any time.