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The Ultimate Guide to Gold Rings for Men

Did you know that in the year 2016 alone that the jewelry industry was worth more than 32 billion USD? Since then, the industry has continued to grow and it is only expected to continue growing in the future. After all, people love jewelry as much as they did thousands of years ago and will likely continue to love it well into the future. 

When it comes to choosing gold rings for men, or any jewelry for that matter, there needs to be a lot of thought put into the decision. For example, what karat of gold should you get when choosing a ring? What kind of gold would be the right choice?

To start finding the answers to your questions, let's first start off with a common question: what kind of gold karat is best when it comes to buying rings for men?

How to Choose the Right Karat When Choosing Gold Rings for Men

The karat of a piece of gold is one of the most important characteristics of gold. This is because the karat is how the purity of gold is measured. You might think that the purer the gold, the better the piece of jewelry, but this is not always the case. 

The main gold karat options are 24K, 18K, 14K, and 10K. 24K is pure gold which means that it has not been mixed with any other metals like less pure forms of gold are. Because 24K is so pure, it has a striking, almost orange color. 

As it happens, since most gold jewelry is 18K or less, the color of 24K may actually appear strange to most people. Many agree that the shade is too bright and intense for it to be fashionable for jewelry. However, that is not the only reason why 24K is not often used for jewelry. 

Because it is pure gold, 24K gold tends to be very expensive. Usually, it is too expensive to use in larger pieces of jewelry such as chunky men's rings, bracelets, or necklaces. To put it into perspective, 24K gold has around twice the amount of gold as 14K gold, and 14K gold is the most commonly bought type of gold in the United States. 

However, one of the most prominent reasons why 24K men's jewelry is not very popular is because 24K gold is very soft and not very durable. Since gold as a mineral is soft in general, once it's molded into a ring or other type of jewelry, it will inevitably bend and warp with the slightest motions. Pure gold is also easily scratched, so while it might look bright and shiny at first, it will quickly become dull and ragged. 

18K Gold

18K gold is right beneath 24K gold in terms of purity. Instead of being 100% pure, 18K gold is around 75% pure and the other 25% consists of various alloy metals. 18K gold is viewed as a very prestigious type of gold since it is the gold of the highest purity that you can wear without it being damaged. 

When most people think of gold, they tend to think of the appearance of 18K gold. It is not as rich in color as pure gold, but it is not as faded and silvery as lower-quality pieces of gold. It has a striking yellow color and a great shine, and for that reason, it is great for rings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, and more.

Because of its attractive appearance, it is an especially good choice for engagement rings. Because gold is hypoallergenic naturally and because 18K gold contains a small percentage of other metals, 18K gold should be hypoallergenic as well. Even those with especially sensitive skin should not experience any skin irritation when wearing 18K gold jewelry. 

One of the biggest benefits of 18K gold jewelry is that it is very durable compared to 24K gold. This is due to the lower percentage of gold and the addition of alloys which make the gold harder and more durable. This makes it practical for everyday wear and you won't need to worry about it bending or warping. 

However, 18K gold is still not as durable as other types of gold like 14K pieces of jewelry. Because of this, 18K gold may still get scratched over time and lose its initial shine. 18K gold is also more expensive than other types of gold because it is purer.

14K and 10K Gold

10K gold is the gold with the lowest purity and actually contains more alloy than gold. Usually, 10K gold contains around 41% gold while the rest is various alloy metals. 14K gold, on the other hand, has around 58% gold while the rest is alloy. 

As mentioned before, 14K gold is the most popular purity of gold in the United States, and this is the case for a variety of reasons. While the color of 14K gold may not be as rich as 18K gold, it still offers an impressive and rich color. Its color is ideal if you prefer a more delicate shade of gold rather than a more saturated yellow color. 

Many people actually chose 14K gold rings solely because of their color. However, there are more reasons that go beyond the color to choose 14K gold. When it comes to ring options, you will want to choose something durable, especially if you are choosing a ring for a man who works a lot with his hands. 

Since 14K gold has a significant amount of alloy in it, it is a very durable choice. It won't bend and it is especially resistant against scratches compared to gold of higher purity. For this reason, the shine of 14K gold rings will keep their appearance for a very long time. 

14K gold rings are also very affordable without sacrificing their attractive appearances. For that reason, 14K gold is one of the most popular options for engagement rings in particular. 10K gold jewelry is also very durable, even more durable than 14K gold.

It is also very affordable. However, because 10K gold is mostly alloy, it does not have a very intense gold color and may cause skin irritation. 

How to Choose the Right Type of Gold and Design

Now that you know all about the different purities of gold, you will need to consider the different types of gold before you can choose the perfect ring for a man. Many people have the misconception that there is only one type of gold: yellow gold. However, this is incorrect as there are actually three main types of gold: yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

By choosing the right kind of gold for a man's ring, you can best compliment a man's skin tone, style, and overall appearance. The design of the ring itself, of course, is very important. While most people tend to think of men's rings as simple gold bands, there are actually some very unique and versatile ring options out there. 

Rings that have unique designs are also great for when you want the ring to match a man's personality or style. Some rings may have decorative streaks on them or may be bejeweled with a diamond or two. Some rings may have designs such as peace signs while others may be several thin bands welded into one. 

A popular design is a single ring that blends the three different types of gold. The harmony between yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold all in one ring is certainly a sight to behold. If you want a ring that makes more of a statement, there are plenty of gothic and skull rings available as well. 

Whatever the case, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a ring for the man in your life, even if that man happens to be yourself. But speaking about the different types of gold, what should you know about them?

How does yellow gold differ from the other types? Is one better than the other?

What Makes Rose Gold Unique for Rings

Since we've already explored yellow gold in-depth, let's next explore rose gold. Rose gold has been growing in popularity in recent years even though it is not a recent invention. Actually, rose gold was first invented in the late 1800s by the jewelry of the Russian Imperial family. 

Originally, rose gold was a very reserved type of gold and was only meant for the Imperial family. However, over time, this beautiful type of gold became more popular among the public. As its name suggests, rose gold has a unique rose color rather than a yellowish hue. 

But don't mistake rose gold for only existing in one shade. The tone of rose gold can fluctuate greatly similar to the tone of yellow gold. Some pieces of rose gold jewelry are deep red while others can be a very delicate blush-pink. 

The color of rose gold has to do with the amount of copper mixed with gold. When yellow gold jewelry is created, the alloys used are carefully chosen as to not interfere with the gold's natural color. On the other hand, with rose gold, the jewelry creator's aim is to sacrifice the color of the gold in favor of blending it with copper's reddish color. 

The more copper is mixed with gold, the redder the resulting piece of jewelry will be. Copper will also make the gold more durable, though perhaps not as durable as other alloys might make it. However, if you are concerned about the purity of gold, redder rose gold rings will not be able to contain as much gold compared to pinker rings. 

Since rose gold can vary in hue, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you don't like the appearance of yellow or rose gold, there is always white gold. 

What Makes White Gold Unique for Rings

If you want a ring that is sleek, bright, and modern, a white gold ring may be exactly what you're looking for. White gold is exactly what its name suggests: it is a very pale, very white type of gold. White gold is actually one of the most popular types of gold for engagement rings

This is especially true for rings that have diamonds. The reason for this is that the color of white gold will not interfere with the clarity and shine of a diamond. Even if your ring choice does not have a diamond, white gold can still be very striking for a man's ring.

As with rose gold, white gold involves the mixing of yellow gold with other metals in order to attain a certain color. Instead of copper this time, pale metals such as silver are preferred when creating white gold. For white gold, the whiter the better. 

White gold is ideal for those who don't like the bright or rich colors of rose or yellow gold. White gold is instead more silvery and it can blend with virtually any color and any style. For that reason, it is a particularly versatile type of gold.  

Most white gold is 18K, although, you can get lower purities of gold if you prefer. It tends to be a little bit more expensive than yellow gold, but for its unique appearance, it is worth the extra cost. 

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Gold Rings for Men

If you were unsure how to go about choosing the right gold rings for men before, you should now know everything you need to consider. From choosing the right purity to the right type of gold and design, there are many things to think about before you buy a ring. 

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