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Unusual Engagement Rings: Video Game Inspired Jewelry

It's 2022, and much has changed in love, life, and the marriage game. Pop culture is everywhere and is now what ties people together, even in marriage. 

Many people meet their partners through games and bond over the activity. Video games connect people and tell stories; they could do the same for your future.

There are many reasons to design a gaming-inspired engagement ring. There's the deep symbolism your favorite games could have for your relationship. There's also the fact that nothing stops you from making unusual engagement rings inspired by video games.

They can dazzle brighter than any diamond and have more value for your relationship.

Do you want to surprise your special person with a unique ring? For a guide on gaming-inspired engagement rings, keep reading.

Reasons to Get a Gaming-Inspired Engagement Ring

Proposals often come with a lot of pressure. You have to worry about what the other person will say, and if they'll even like the ring you chose. It should come as no surprise that many recent couples have been ditching the surprise altogether.

Alright, not exactly "altogether," but close enough. It's common for partners to go shopping for their engagement rings together. Often, there's still an elaborate proposal surprise, but without the real ring.

Some people have even proposed with a ring pop in the heat of the moment. The point is that you don't have to stress about if your partner likes your choice. You can ask them and then take them shopping for the unique ring they want.

This opens up a world of possibilities for unique and unusual engagement rings that both of you will love. One inspiration for engagement rings is video games. Many people from all walks of life enjoy video games and often find lifelong bonds with others who enjoy them.

People have been buying gaming-related charms and necklaces for years. So, why not engagement rings? They're unique, iconic, gorgeous, and can be as custom as you want them.

We'll go into some of the reasons to go for a gaming-inspired ring down below.

It's Unique

Using video games as your inspiration creates unique engagement rings. Traditional designs can all start to look boring in a market saturated with standard cut diamonds of varying carats. A lot of people have already caught on to how simple many ring designs are.

Some replace the diamonds with moissanite or white sapphires. Others veer away from the growing trend of white gold diamond-studded rings altogether. Tungsten has been growing in popularity, as have colorful stones and more elaborate carvings or engravings.

You have the opportunity to make a truly stand-out piece. A magical sorcerer's stone swirling with enchanting depth, or a rune-covered band of magical power, for instance. You could use blue sapphires, red rubies, or green emeralds.

You could design your ring with reliefs or motifs that no traditional ring-maker has done. This is because video-game culture hasn't yet fully penetrated the engagement-ring industry. Even when it does, the sheer number of games and options will ensure your design remains unique.

The beauty of this situation is that the door remains open to endless possibilities. You don't have to worry that someone will buy your ring from the display case like other common designs. The chances of someone else having the same idea and executing it in the same way are zero.

So, going for a game-inspired engagement ring is more than quirky or unusual. It's unique, one of a kind, and all the better for it.

It Tells a Personal Story

Every ring should tell a story. When you both look at that design, you should remember how you met and why you chose it. If you go for a gaming design, it should be because you both relate to it in some way.

For example, you could have met at a gaming convention wearing outfits from the same game. You could enjoy spending time playing with each other and want to immortalize your favorite game in some way. The game you choose for the ring might tell the story of how you met or of who you are to each other.

It could be that both of you grew up playing Legend of Zelda. It could be that your partner introduced you to a game that's now become your favorite. Putting that kind of thought into designing your rings together will always pay off.

A Creative Way to Display Your Love

Video game jewelry gives you a creative way to display your love. You can design engagement rings meant to complement each other. Some of these are multi-tier, while others might be for you to wear with your partner.

A Few Examples

An example might be a Legend of Zelda-inspired centerpiece, complete with stone. A chevron engraved with symbols from the games could slide in to complete it.

There are other examples as well.

The paopu fruit from Kingdom Hearts has become popular. The fruit's lore is that those who eat the fruit together become destined to be with each other forever. As a symbol of eternal love, it adds a cherry on top of any engagement ring.

This potential for romantic symbolism is rife in almost all games. Examples include the star-crossed lovers Geralt of Rivia and Yennefer of Vengerberg. As love interests from the Witcher 3, they're destined for each other, yet fate keeps getting in the way.

Yennefer's symbolic obsidian star and Geralt's Wolf medallion offer plenty of opportunities. Yennefer is also known for her lilac and gooseberry perfume. You don't have to limit yourselves to popular games either.

This world is also large enough to be as creative as you'd like with your ring designs. The only thing that matters is that the connections and symbols make sense to the two of you.

It doesn't matter if other people don't recognize the original inspiration. They aren't the ones pledging their love for each other. Any engagement ring creatively designed by the two of you will be more powerful.

This is especially true if the inspiration is a passion unique to your relationship.

More Examples of What You Can Do

There are many examples of what you can do. Gaming offers tons of engagement ring options. These range from more traditional origins to those which break the norm.

You don't have to limit yourself to traditional designs, like a halo or pear-cut. You can start there and customize it to pay homage to your game or go your own way. You could ditch the center-gemstone design considered orthodoxy for many diamond rings.

Or you could go over-the-top, ditching white gold and clear cuts for dark and murky tones. The great thing is designing custom rings is more affordable than you think. Here are a few general ideas to guide you through a sea of options.

Direct Homages

The first category you can look at are designs that make direct homage to the games they're inspired from. Examples like these might be rings engraved with the tri-force from Legend of Zelda. It might also come from a piece of jewelry worn by a game character.

These go beyond simple inspiration. In wider pop culture, it might include the One Ring from Lord of the Rings. In games, it might be Geralt's medallion from the Witcher.

Engraving is one of the most popular ways to pay direct homage to a game without copying a piece of jewelry. If the band is thick enough, you could engrave Pac-Man chasing his ghosts or Mario rescuing Peach. You could also include a meaningful quote from one of your favorite games to symbolize your love.

Taking Indirect Inspiration

Another popular way to use gaming to design rings is taking indirect inspiration. These are where the shapes or elements are more abstract, but the heart is still there. For example, you could have a blue pear-cut stone with ruby marquis wings.

To the untrained eye, it's a flashy and colorful piece. To someone who knows the story, it's a symbol of Link's Hylian Shield, complete with its red-winged emblem.

To go back to an earlier example, Yennefer's obsidian star from the Witcher 3 is a good candidate. For one, it's a necklace, and for another, there are competing renditions of what it looks like.

A ring meant to capture the dazzling beauty and power of the obsidian star would be unique. It would stand apart from any conventional design and have an attraction all its own. The most important part is that only those familiar with the lore will see the symbolism.

A Ring Designed Only for Them

You might choose to design a ring only for your partner. In some cultures, the groom doesn't get an engagement ring, or people might not want one.

In these situations, all the attention goes toward the other partner. When you design a ring only for them, it opens up unique ideas. You can target the games they love or are unique to their personality.

You can think about favorite characters, colors, cuts, and stones. You don't have to worry about matching it to another ring or finding a compromise you both like. It isn't uncommon for partners to enjoy gaming together but like different genres or titles.

Designing a game-inspired ring for only your partner frees you from those issues.

Matching Engagement Rings

It might surprise you to know that matching engagement rings is common. It isn't only women who get engagement rings anymore. Jewelry and wedding practices have become far more gender and identity inclusive.

It isn't uncommon for a woman to do the proposing or for men to get matching rings. Even guys want to flex their engagement ring. Because more couples go ring shopping together these days, it's also easy to ensure they match.

Ideas for Matching Engagement Rings

There are a million ways your gaming-inspired engagement rings can match. These range from the romantically corny to the deep and thoughtful.

Some basic ideas to roll out right away are matching health and mana potion designs. If Pokémon is your thing, you can do Pokéball-themed rings to symbolize catching each other. A feminine ring could include rose gold instead of red, for example.

If you want a more masculine design, you may opt for tungsten for a heavier look. You can even get designs of specific Pokémon.

There are deeper symbolic options as well.

Remember the paopu fruit from Kingdom Hearts? The lore requires two people to share one fruit to be bound together for life. You could design matching rings containing one-half of the fruit.

It would be a great way to symbolize your connection with two halves making a whole. The fruit itself is easy to decorate or stud with engravings and stones. Kingdom Hearts isn't the only option either.

We've talked about the Witcher 3, but it's worth a reminder. The wolf is Geralt's, while the obsidian star, lilacs, and gooseberries are Yennefer's. You could design matching rings that combine both elements or separate them.

The separation could be symbolic in itself. Both lovers have to overcome much adversity to be together again. Combining them would symbolize a happy ending, while separating them is a homage to the romantic struggle itself.

Unusual Engagement Rings

It's trendy to go for unusual engagement rings these days. Video games are a growing avenue to make unique and gorgeous rings that mean something. They're also a great way to break mainstream trends in ring design that have become stale.

If you're out looking to get unique engagement rings, it helps to have a place to go. Black Diamonds New York has some of the most unique and custom ring options around. We also have an anticipated gaming collection launching soon, so contact us today.


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