Our Stones Authenticity

Fall in love with the fire of our luminous, ethically sourced diamonds. Each stone is meticulously hand-cut and faceted by our award-winning New York jewelry designers, exceeding the industry's 4Cs standards for an unmatched sparkle. Indulge in the timeless beauty of handcrafted jewelry with the environment in mind. We use only ethically sourced materials, ensuring your piece reflects your values. At Black Diamonds- New York, we bring you the highest quality jewelry at an accessible price point, making luxury attainable.

Each handcrafted masterpiece symbolizes the enduring power of love. Find the perfect piece to celebrate your forever or express your love story in a dazzling way.


These are made from carbon and is the hardest natural known substance on earth. Certified GIA, IGL, EGL, or DGI. Stones are guaranteed and certified. Natural diamonds are created over a period of one to three billion years, at least 85 miles below the earth's mantle under natural conditions of very high pressure and high temperature. They lasted that long which is why, DIAMOND IS FOREVER. Natural diamonds will come with a GIA certificate.

Will it pass the diamond test? Heck YES

Are these certified? Yes. Clear stone with over 0.50 ct will come with a GIA certificate but all our black diamonds will not come with a certificate.


These are our in-house lab-grown diamonds. The newest masterpiece of our lab using the same cutting-edge process as our CVD Diamonds. As we were searching for substitute for conflict-free diamonds, we stumbled upon this beautiful stone– brighter, shinier, and even more mesmerizing than any diamond we laid our eyes upon. Superiorly cleaner and flawless like a mined diamond. EVN™ Diamond has similar physical properties to natural diamonds, full of fire and identical to the naked eye. Each piece is carefully crafted into a masterpiece. With a quality that falls between our premium CVD diamonds and certified moissanite, our  EVN™ Diamond is a great choice for those seeking a balance between brilliance and affordability.

Will it pass the diamond test? YES!
Are these certified? Yes.*Certificate for stone with over .50 ct is only available upon request (before shipping).

PREMIUM CVD DIAMONDS (Chemical Vapor Deposition Diamonds)

These are lab-grown diamonds created in a controlled laboratory setting. They are not simulants or imitations, but rather real diamonds with the same physical and chemical makeup as mined diamonds. They are composed of pure crystalline carbon. Our CVD process for these stones relies on a unique and innovative process that makes them look exactly like natural diamonds. Our Premium CVD Diamonds will pass the diamond test and can only be made available for stone upgrades at a premium cost. 

Will it pass the diamond test? Yes.
Are these certified? Yes. Stone with over 0.50 ct will come with a certificate of authenticity.

HPHT DIAMONDS (High Pressure High Temperature Diamonds)

These are lab-grown diamonds that are created using the high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) method. This method involves subjecting a small diamond seed to extreme heat and pressure, which causes the carbon atoms in the seed to bond together and form a larger diamond. HPHT diamonds are typically yellow or brown in color, although they can also be colorless or near-colorless. HPHT diamonds are typically more expensive than other types of lab-grown diamonds, such as CVD diamonds. This is because the HPHT process is more energy-intensive and requires more specialized equipment. However, HPHT diamonds are also considered to be more durable than other types of lab-grown diamonds.

Will it pass the diamond test? Yes.
Are these certified? Yes. Stone with over 0.50 ct will come with an IGI certificate.


These beautiful stones are a near-colorless gemstone that’s composed of silicon carbide- an extremely rare, naturally occurring mineral. It has a similar appearance to a real diamond and is the only gemstone that passes as a diamond on a standard handheld diamond point tester. Our moissanites are more heat resistant than natural diamonds, meaning that even if they were in a fire, they would still retain their sparkle and form. They have a Refractive Index (RI) of 2.65 whereas diamond’s RI is lower at 2.42. Moissanite has an extremely high level of brilliance and excellent light performance. This is one reason it is a favorite stone in engagement rings as it has much higher brilliance and fire than a diamond. The hardness of a diamond is about 10 and moissanite is about 9.25. Our moissanite has its unique waist code, and it is certified by the international famous professional appraisal organization and the Global Gemstone Research Association (GRA).

We only use D-F color with VS1 Clarity and each stone will pass the diamond test. More brilliant than a diamond at a fraction of the cost. Black Diamonds- New York Moissanite is among the hardest minerals on earth, more durable than sapphire, ruby, or emerald.

Will it pass the diamond test? YES!
Are these certified? Yes.*Stone with over .50 ct will come with a certificate of authenticity except for custom-cut diamonds (coffin, kite, hexagon, etc). A certificate for special cut stones is only available upon request before shipping.



Known as simulated diamonds. Not natural earthed diamonds but these are very expensive stones. The stones are made from zirconium dioxide that boasts fine color, no color mixing, and a superb cut, which results in a beautiful duplication of nature. These are also lab-grown diamonds. Although the stones won't pass the test, they have excellent quality compared to other stones. They shine and sparkle like mined diamonds. 

Will it pass the diamond test? No.
Are these certified? No. 


Black Diamonds- New York Simulated Diamonds are not mined diamonds but sparkle like one. Premium stone with excellent cut, no one would know you did not spend a fortune. Handcrafted by professionals in laboratory using special equipment, high-pressure and high-temperature. Simulated Diamonds are similar to diamonds in appearance. It is difficult to distinguish the two with the naked eye. However, our market price is much cheaper than natural diamonds. Each stone is cut to maximize the radiance with the intent to create a collectible custom piece always in mind. The unique precision cutting of the distinctive stones ensures their brilliance. The next step in the process is polishing the stones with natural diamond polishing wheels, using the exact process to polish high-quality natural stones. Utilizing these processes in the same manner as for the finest quality natural stones ensures that the Simulated Diamonds Unique Custom Jewelry is of great quality. Although these diamonds won't pass the test, the result of using fine quality materials and expert diamond cutters guarantees that Simulated Diamonds are a cut above the rest. 

Will it pass the diamond test? No. 
Are these certified? No. 

TAKEAWAY: Diamonds offer lasting beauty and potential investment value. However, for those prioritizing affordability and instant brilliance, simulated diamonds provide a stunning and budget-friendly alternative, perfect for celebrating any special occasion.


NATURAL GEMSTONES - We offer natural gemstones including amethyst, citrine, garnet, ruby, sapphire, emerald, morganite, peridot, topaz, aquamarine rose quartz, and tourmaline. Plus many more.


We don't have what you need? No worries, we got you! All our jewelry can be upgraded for a higher value from metal type, metal plating, stone color, stone carat, and stone type.

  • Metal type such as 10k-18k white/yellow/rose gold.
  • Metal plating such as platinum, yellow gold, and rose gold.
  • Stone types such as Natural Diamonds, Moissanite, HPHT Diamonds, and Premium CVD Diamonds will pass the diamond test.
  • Stone carats are only available from 1-4 carats.
  • Stone color, FREE for any color but contact us first.
  • Engraving is FREE.

Please contact our team to get a qoute. We can make ANY of your dream rings!