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Black Diamond Jewelry Trends That Never Go Out of Style

While jewelry makes for an amazing gift, women aren't only waiting for others to buy it for them anymore. Recent polls show that about 75% of women choose and purchase jewelry for themselves. Necklaces, bracelets, and rings are treats for self-love rather than just as an expression of partnership!

If you're looking to buy a lovely piece for yourself (or a loved one), black diamond jewelry is a unique and beautiful choice. There are hundreds of options available, and the diversity makes it a great purchase for any occasion.

But how can you choose the best modern jewelry on the market? Read on to learn some black jewelry trends that are sure to make you swoon.

What Is Black Diamond Jewelry?

Black diamonds are a current jewelry trend that are essentially exactly what they sound like. Rather than sparkling in crystal-clear or white, black diamond rings feature a deep inky hue. This makes them reflect light in a new and interesting way, bringing out the intricate cut of each stone. 

Authentic black diamonds are extremely similar to the white diamonds that you're used to. The core difference is that they have amorphous graphite and carbon within their internal structure, giving them their unique coloring. This means that they look flawless when polished to perfection, but it also means that you are going to spend a lot of money when shopping for black diamonds jewelry.

Moissanite has long been boasted as an affordable alternative to white diamonds. However, it can come in several different colors including green, yellow, blue-green, and, yes, black. This means that you can buy "black diamond jewelry" that's primarily made from moissanite and save thousands of dollars.

Why Black Jewelry?

It's undeniable that a black diamond ring, necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings is striking. People don't expect to see gorgeous high-end jewelry with this mysterious color. You can feel like you're an insider on a one-of-a-kind trend when you purchase black moissanite pieces- it's a great conversation starter.

Black jewelry is also awesome because of its versatility. Because of its neutral hue, black gemstones can pair with any metal including sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. It also looks great when set in a band with any other colored gemstones.

You also can't go wrong when pairing it with outfits. A black stone never clashes even when paired with bright colors and intricate patterns!


Exquisite Necklaces

Necklaces are popular because they're comfortable, beautiful, and stay out of the way as you perform daily activities. They're ideal for everyday wear, which makes the versatility of black diamonds or moissanite perfect for them.

A simple round-cut moissanite pendant necklace is perfect for those who love subtle elegance. This simple stone is held in place by four tiny brackets and looped onto a chain with a classic small clasp. It's perfect for professional settings as well as social ones because of its small size and minimalist aesthetic.

Note that all of our moissanite pieces can be handcrafted in any color that you choose. Like with our classic diamond pendant, all you need to do is let us know if you want a jet-black shimmering stone.

You may see pieces that you love on our website that feature a classic white moissanite- they're also available in black. You have tons of awesome options.

Dancing Stone Necklace

Do you love the simple elegance of a classic pendant? Are you interested in adding to this style and putting a unique twist on it? Look no further than the 1CT moissanite dancing stone necklace.

This necklace features a simple round-cut moissanite set within a sterling silver moissanite-studded frame. It's held in place by two hooks that allow the center stone to move around freely but securely, providing a "dancing" effect. When you choose a simulated black diamond, you get all of the awesome refraction that a black stone has to offer at multiple angles.

This pendant is attached to a simple silver chain with a rhombus-shaped attachment. This loop features four more pieces of moissanite in an elegant setting.

If you really want to make an impact, you can request a piece that uses other hues in addition to your black centerpiece. The possibilities are limitless because of the many stones set within this piece.

Sunflower-Shaped Sets

If you're a fan of natural beauty, nothing can beat a black moissanite sunflower necklace. This gorgeous piece of jewelry looks amazing when set into high-quality sterling silver. The light hue of the metal provides excellent contrast with the dark moissanite that looks great in any setting.

If you want a beautiful and authentic look, you can request that the black diamond in the center be outlined by yellow moissanite on each petal. This will make the necklace look like a real sunflower as it shimmers and shines in the light.

Plus, since this necklace is part of a set, it comes with matching stud earrings. You can create a cohesive aesthetic when you accessorize with these boldly beautiful floral shapes.

Beautiful Bracelets and Earrings

Regardless of what necklaces you choose when sprucing up your wardrobe, you'll need a simulated black diamond bracelet to go along with it.

Like all of our pieces, you can incorporate personal touches onto your favorite bracelets. Communicate about the styles of metal that you prefer and your favorite stone cuts. We'll work with you to find the perfect fit for your personal style.

If you're looking for something basic and elegant, our 5mm round moissanite adjustable bracelet is the perfect choice. Its single stone is set within a multi-pronged holder and inserted onto a thin silver chain. This elegant design is simple to bring out the beautiful shine of its main stone.

For an awesome overall look, you may want to pair this bracelet with a simple pendant necklace, solitaire ring, or stud earrings. It's the perfect way to quietly shine without being too obscenely flashy.

Galaxy Bracelets

If you're looking for something simple while still being complex, our galaxy full circle bracelet contains multitudes. The entire metal loop is covered in tiny moissanite stones in evenly-spaced bunches. They provide the aesthetic of hundreds of distant stars flickering and shimmering in the night sky.

Black diamond and moissanite are perfect for this mysterious and mythical feel. Because they feel like the night sky in and of themselves, you'll feel like you're taking a piece of the universe everywhere with you on your wrist.

Additionally, these bracelets are classy and high-end because they contain a lot of tiny, intricately-cut stones. It's sure to turn heads. Plus, it's extremely affordable while still looking like authentic perfection.

Black Clover

Looking for a ring made in black? Don't want to have to worry about switching your stone color? While the customization process is extremely easy, you can also choose an already-dark bracelet like our Black Clover design.

This bracelet features black agate rather than moissanite, which is yet another beautiful diamond alternative. These stones are cut into the same shapes as a four-leaf clover boasts. They're not just good accessories, but they're also good luck!

Between each clover lies a small round-cut moissanite in a silver setting. This makes the chain sparkle around your wrist and draws the eye towards your gorgeous accessory. Plus, since the chain is easy to adjust, you don't need to worry about finding your perfect fit.

Swan Earrings

Swans are a symbol of true love as well as good luck. Because of this, they make the perfect gifts for a partner or friend that you love. If you're looking for a birthday gift for your girlfriend or an anniversary present for your wife, look no further than our black swan earrings.

These gorgeous pieces feature multiple black EVN diamonds in a silver and platinum base. Their intricate design contrasts the black stones with silver-white metal for the best possible contrast. They're a large pair of studs perfect for any formal, professional, or first-impression-making occasion.

These earrings are slightly larger than simpler styles and could be considered a statement piece. For this reason, they pairs well with other subtle black diamond or moissanite pieces. Try wearing these swans with a simple adjustable bracelet or with the Black Clover bracelets discussed earlier.

Alluring Rings

When it comes to simple and beautiful rings, you can't beat our round cut black diamond ring. This minimalistic piece is set in a silver band studded with the same black diamonds as the central stone. The four-pronged setting also gives it a flashy yet mysterious look that goes with any other piece you love.

This simple style is a great choice for anyone looking to treat themselves to an all-occasion accessory. It goes well with any outfit or style that you can think of. However, while a classic, it's far from your only option!

Black EVN Stone Ring Band

If you're looking for an all-black design- especially for men's black diamond jewelry- then the thick band of our black EVN stone ring is likely the perfect choice. It's made from titanium stainless steel with a 5.5mm surface width. This is a ring designed to make a firm statement for both men and women.

The ring is accentuated with high-quality black diamonds in two rows. They make their way around the entirety of the band and provide some refraction of light. The end result is a glimmering ring that's both durable and gothic.

Coffin Cut Moissanite

Speaking of gothic aesthetics, our rose-gold coffin cut moissanite band is beautiful for women who want to appear powerful.

This ring is in fact a set. The top band is made from small white moissanite stones set in rose gold. The bottom is where things get especially interesting with black moissanite all across the surface of its matching rose-gold band. These thin rings come together around one large coffin-shaped piece of black moissanite.

This is a ring for those with no fear as well as those who love darker aesthetics. It's a perfect "'til death do us part.'"

The Black Spider Ring

Another fearless ring is our black spider micro-paved moissanite style. This piece is designed to look just like a black spider twining around an intricate web.

The web, made of solid gold or silver, has small white moissanite stones all across its surface. The spider itself is an unreal accessory that spans the surface of this multi-faceted band. Made from black moissanite, the realistic arachnid is a great way to pack a punch in casual settings.

It's unique, especially because of the white moissanite glimmering near its head. This is a ring that packs a punch, starts a conversation, and immediately inspires confidence in the wearer.

A Modern Black Rose

Want to indulge in that gothic feeling without being too edgy? Our black-rose moissanite ring might be a good choice.

Its high-quality metal band has black twining vines around it, giving it an intricate and textured appearance. It also features small white EVN diamonds or moissanite at intervals across the vines.

All of this frames a solid black rose, which in turn provides the backdrop for a high-end, beautiful black stone. This ring is perfect for all occasions because of its subtlety and style. It's feminine dark academia at its finest.


Get In on the Top Jewelry Trends of 2022

While there are tons of awesome accessory trends coming both this year and in the future, black diamond jewelry is one of the best. There are tons of options for versatile pieces that you can wear on any occasion. Now that you know some of the best black jewelry that you can buy at an affordable price, it's time to begin shopping for top-notch moissanite pieces.

Our jewelers are committed to making custom jewelry from the most durable, long-lasting, and beautiful natural and engineered materials. We handcraft every piece to ensure perfection and work hard to meet your custom specifications. Contact us with any remaining questions about our processes and pieces and to get help choosing the perfect jewelry for you.

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