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Cool Engagement Rings: How To Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

Did you know that more than 1.6 million people in the United States alone get married every year? With so many marriages, it only makes sense for there to be a very large selection of cool engagement rings. But when it comes to an engagement ring, you might be wondering what to look for before choosing one. 

After all, an engagement ring is not any ordinary ring. It is a special symbol of your union with your significant other, so it's only natural to put special consideration into such a ring. Fortunately, as long as you know what to look for, choosing a cool engagement ring isn't all that hard. 

Keep reading and learn more about what to look for when choosing the perfect ring for your future spouse. 

Decide on the Gold Karat You Want

Many people don't realize that there are several types of gold to choose from. Instead, many make the mistake that yellow gold is the only gold to consider. However, this is not the case. 

Besides the appearance of different types of gold, the durability of gold can differ as well. For example, consider yellow gold. Yellow gold is one of the most popular types of gold for all types of jewelry including rings, earrings, bracelets, and more. 

There are a few main types of yellow gold: 18K, 14K, and 10K. Technically, 24K gold exists. This is known as pure gold and it does not contain any filler metals such as nickel.

However, you usually will not find 24K gold jewelry because it is much too soft. If you were to wear this kind of gold jewelry, especially a 24K gold ring, you would soon find that the ring would start showing signs of scratches and dents. Most people find that 24K gold looks strange because it is too yellow.

Most gold jewelry is either 18K or 14K. The yellow color of both of these gold types is less intense compared to 24K gold. These gold types are also much more durable because they are mixed with nickel and other filler metals. 

Making the Choice

14K gold is actually the most common type of yellow gold for jewelry in the United States. If you look around any jewelry store, whether online or in person, you will find that the majority of the gold is 14K. This is because 14K gold is beautiful yet affordable at the same time. 

You also won't have to worry about this kind of gold sustaining dents or scratches since it is quite durable. There is also 10K. However, this kind of gold will not have a very brilliant yellow sheen and it may cause skin irritation. 

This is because 10K consists of more filler metals than real gold, especially nickel. Nickel has a tendency to irritate the skin and cause problems such as rashes or redness. So, if you can't side on what kind of gold you want your engagement ring to have, it is best to stick with 14K or 18K gold. 

Decide Between Rose, Yellow, or White Gold

If you're looking for cool engagement ring ideas, consider rose gold or white gold for your engagement ring. Many cool engagement rings for men and women experiment with these different types of gold and their unique hues. If you're not a fan of the classic color of yellow gold, then these other types of gold may be the perfect solution. 

Keep in mind that you can also get a ring that has a mix of different types of gold. This can result in a very colorful and unique ring that your spouse-to-be will surely love. First, let's consider rose gold. 

Rose gold used to be quite a prestigious type of gold since it was made specifically for the Russian Imperial family in the late 1800s by the family's personal jeweler. What makes this type of gold unique is the addition of copper. As mentioned before, most gold is mixed with nickel. 

Nickel is a light, silvery metal that does not impact the color of yellow gold very much. It also strengthens the gold so it does not scratch or dent so easily. Rose gold is more or less the same except copper takes the place of nickel. 

Copper also strengthens the gold to a certain extent, but what makes it special is that it gives the gold a very particular pink or red hue. 18K rose gold has a very delicate pink color which may be hard to notice at first. 14K rose gold is much more noticeable because there is a higher concentration of copper present. 

The Details

The color for this kind of gold is a much deeper pink. 10K rose gold, on the other hand, almost appears red or orange because there is more copper than gold. Most people prefer 14K or 18K rose gold because there is still a hefty quantity of gold in the jewelry and the rose color is not too intense. 

The pinkish hue of rose gold is ideal for those who love pink. But what about white gold? Instead of nickel, white gold is mixed with silver. 

Silver has a much more intense color than nickel and it can make the resulting gold look more like silver. 10K white gold will look almost exactly like silver. 18K white gold will still have some yellowish tint but it will be very fair and pale. 

White gold is actually one of the most popular gold choices for engagement rings in particular. This is because the white hue of the metal does well to complement a diamond. Yellow or rose gold, on the other hand, may discolor a diamond due to the way light reflects off of it. 

Choosing between white, yellow, and rose gold can be quite a tough choice. However, the main thing you need to do is think about what your significant other might prefer. For example, if you know your significant other loves pink, a rose gold ring might be a perfect choice. 

Find the Right Kind of Diamond

Many people think that all diamonds are more or less the same, but this is not at all the case. As with all types of gold, there are also many different types of diamonds. While you might not be able to spot the differences with your naked eye right away, upon further inspection, you will be able to pick out fine differences between diamonds. 

It is these fine differences that make a diamond worth tens of thousands of dollars or only a few hundred. When looking for a good diamond for your engagement ring, you will want to keep the four C's in mind. The four C's include clarity, color, cut, and carat, specifically the weight of the carat. 

These four factors are vital when it comes to picking the perfect diamond. The first thing you should know is that flawless diamonds, in particular, are very hard to find. For that reason, they are also very expensive. 

If you are intent on finding a flawless diamond, you should amass a large budget. Also, keep in mind that most flawless diamonds are very small. This is because, in nature, there is a very low chance that a large diamond will remain perfect after so many millions of years in the ground. 

However, keep in mind that size isn't everything when it comes to diamonds. Small diamonds can be just as attractive as large diamonds. In fact, small diamonds can give your engagement ring a delicate and elegant look. Small diamonds also look best on those who have small hands or short fingers.

Diamond Color and Weight

Of course, there isn't anything wrong with large diamonds either. Keep in mind that large diamonds tend to have more flaws in them naturally. This is because the larger the diamond is, the more space there is for there to be various errors within the diamond. 

For example, a large diamond may not have the same clarity as a small diamond. It may also not have the right color you want. For example, if a diamond sits next to a certain mineral deposit for millions of years, there is a good chance that the color of the neighboring mineral will eventually seep into the diamond. 

This can make the diamond look somewhat yellow. Again, this doesn't necessarily mean that the diamond is bad. In fact, diamonds that aren't perfectly clear are usually much more affordable than very clear diamonds and they are still very beautiful. 

Don't forget to consider the carat weight of the diamond either. The weight of the diamond usually correlates with the size of the gem. However, this does not necessarily correlate with the price of the diamond. 

For example, a larger, heavier diamond may sometimes be cheaper than a slight, flawless diamond. For that reason, it all depends on your budget and what you think your significant other will prefer when choosing a diamond for your engagement ring.  

The Shape of the Diamond

The shape of the diamond on your engagement ring matters more than you might expect. In a way, the shape of the diamond can determine the overall look of the ring. Fortunately, there are many diamond shapes to choose from.

A round diamond is one of the most common cuts. It is also one of the most expensive. This is because, in order to cut a diamond into this shape, it is necessary to shave off quite a significant portion of the natural diamond. 

Even though a round diamond cut is more expensive, many people prefer it because this cut is also very visually striking. This is because the cut has so many flat surfaces and can reflect the light in a more complex way compared to other diamond cuts. 

For that reason, a round diamond will sparkle more than most other diamond cuts. If you know that your significant other loves sparkly things, then a round diamond will be perfect for the engagement ring. Round diamonds are also very flattering for most hand and finger types and they tend to make one's hands look smaller and more streamlined. 

What You Need to Know

An oval cut diamond is another very popular diamond cut. It is similar to the round cut but, of course, it is more oblong. For that reason, it also tends to be on the more expensive side because a lot of excess diamond goes to waste during the cutting process. 

However, because there are many flat surfaces on an oval diamond, this is another very sparkly cut. To maximize the gleam of this diamond cut, pair it with a white gold band so the color of the band won't interfere with the clarity of the diamond. Oval-cut diamonds are also very flattering for the hands because they can make one's fingers look longer and more slender than they actually are. 

There are also more complex cuts such as heart-shaped cuts or teardrop cuts. The more complex the cut is, the more expensive the diamond will be. For that reason, if you're on a tight budget, it is best to stick with traditional diamond cuts. 

How to Choose Cool Engagement Rings

Choosing cool engagement rings isn't as difficult as you might expect, but you will need to keep a few important factors in mind. For example, you will need to think about what kind of gold karat and the type of gold you want for the ring. Yellow, rose, and white gold are all striking options. 

Also, don't forget about choosing the right diamond and diamond shape. If you're ready to buy an engagement ring right away, click here to explore our products. 

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