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It's Time to Get Your Summer Engagement Rings, New York!

Summer is a season full of excitement, thrills, and adventure. It's full of sunny days, happy memories, and smiling friends—and it's also the perfect time to get engaged to that special someone that you love! Summer engagements are immensely popular due to the fantastic warm weather, the time off most people have for vacation, and the length of those beautiful summer days. Just imagine—what better way to ask for your partner's hand in marriage than with a romantic trip under the summer sun and a proposal set by the warm orange sunset? But when it's time to pop that special summertime question, don't forget to have your summer engagement rings, New York!

It goes without saying, but we'll remind you anyways: stunning engagement rings are essential to any proposal, no matter the time of year! When choosing a diamond engagement ring for your partner, you'll want to consider their personal tastes and sense of style and find one that perfectly personifies your love for each other. You can even take it a step further and find one that matches the season in which your proposal takes place; that way, it will also serve as a reminder of that special day! And when it's finally time to make that big purchase, there's only one place to find your engagement rings: New York—right here at Black Diamonds New York!

Black Diamonds New York is proud to be one of the city's (and state's) premier jewelers for almost any shape, size, color, and cut of diamond that you can imagine. And though our namesake is derived from the stunning Carbonado diamond—also known as black diamonds—we also offer traditional clear diamonds, pink diamonds, and more! We ensure only the most pristine quality diamond jewelry by handling all of our designs and cuts in-house so that our customers always receive a truly unique ring, not some cookie-cutter, pre-fabricated ring.

However, the question still remains: "What engagement rings—New York—work best for summertime proposals?" Well, we've got the answer for you! In this blog, we're going to go over what ring styles, metals, diamond colors, and diamond sizes mesh best with the natural vibes of summer! So, to kick things off, let's begin with ring styles!

Choosing the Right Summertime Engagement Rings—New York

Choosing the right engagement ring is absolutely essential to any successful marriage proposal. Not only does it show that you put valuable time, effort, and money into the decision, but it also stands on its own as a beautiful declaration of love! So, what exactly makes for the perfect summertime engagement ring in New York?

It all starts with the style, of course!

Engagement Ring Styles for Summer

For engagement rings in New York to give off real summertime vibes, simple and stylish is the way to go! Complex, delicate, and intricate designs are an excellent choice for the wintertime, as they exude the serenity and sophistication of winter, but summer is the exact opposite! Summer is a time for high-energy action and fun, and as such, summer engagement rings should be designed simply so that they are easier to manage and maintain on even the hottest of summer days.

Engagement Ring Metals for Summer

As you may have guessed, traditional gold is the go-to choice as the base of your summertime engagement rings. The shimmering shine of gold looks stunning under the hot summer sun and is sure to turn heads no matter where you go. It's also highly durable and super easy to keep clean and scratch-free, making it the ideal choice for all your summer adventures and vacation plans.

Engagement Ring Diamond Colors for Summer

When it comes to choosing a color for the center stone of your partner's diamond engagement ring, nothing beats the classic allure of a clear diamond. Much like the gold band, it will shine like a star under the sun and offer the beautiful look you'd expect of any high-class engagement ring. But on the other hand, summer is also a time for making bold moves, so there's also no harm in considering one of our pink-tinted or trendily-edgy black diamond options!

Engagement Ring Diamond Sizes for Summer

If you've noticed the trend here, choosing your summer engagement rings in New York is all about simplicity without forgoing the splendor of fancier rings. And for simplicity's sake, a smaller diamond could be the right choice for your summer-styled engagement rings. In the chaos of all your summer fun, a smaller choice of diamond—or diamonds—reduces the chance of damaging, scuffing, or even losing the diamonds. But smaller doesn't have to mean boring! Why go for one large diamond when you can find a more modest stone that is surrounded by smaller, equally as stunning accompanying diamonds?

Our Engagement Rings Here at Black Diamonds New York

So if we've sold you on a summertime engagement and engagement ring, you've already found the perfect place to get your affordable and ethically sourced diamond engagement rings, New York! We have countless options for diamond engagement rings here at Black Diamonds New York, but we're going to introduce you to two of our most popular choices.

The Pear Cut Moissanite Diamond Engagement Ring

This amazing pear-cut diamond engagement ring is designed around a stunning 3-carat center stone and features a simple yellow-gold metal band that makes it comfortable to wear all summer long. So be sure to check it out!

The 3.5 Carat Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Meanwhile, the jaw-dropping 3.5-carat diamond on this eye-catching cushion-cut engagement ring is a slightly more intricate but equally summer-friendly option for your upcoming engagement proposal. Take a closer look at it here!

Choose Black Diamonds for Your Engagement Rings, New York!

Of course, though we hope our advice has helped you form a decision, it's always best to follow your heart when it comes to love and engagement rings! And no matter what kind of diamond engagement ring you decide to invest in as a testament to your love for your partner, Black Diamond Engagement Rings New York is your best bet to find a diamond engagement ring that will last your partner for a lifetime. With over one hundred and fifty thousand satisfied shoppers and fiancees across the world, you're sure to find one you and your partner love! So, check out our selection here at Black Diamond New York today!

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