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Jewelry 101: What Is a Black Diamond?

Jewelry has been a part of human cultures across the globe since the dawn of even the earliest civilizations on record. It has been used as a demonstration of social status, a signifier of religious values, and generally as an artistic display of taste and culture. And thanks to modern advancements and technologies, there has never been a better time to find amazing pieces of jewelry adorned with any type of stone you can think of, from rubies and sapphires to emeralds and gold. But above all other stones—at least in our humble opinion—sits the diamond, or more precisely: the black diamond. But what is a black diamond?

Black diamonds are the pinnacle of a darker allure and sophistication in the world of jewelry. The black crystal sheen and subtle elegance of black diamonds have made them highly sought-after by jewelry aficionados from all walks of life. Whether you're a proud enjoyer of all things Gothic or simply someone who prefers a darker, moodier aesthetic, black diamonds could be the perfect match for your go-to fit or a sleek fashion statement for a formal occasion. But what is a black diamond worth if it isn't from one of New York's finest jewelers and dealers in all things diamond?

Black Diamonds New York is the premier jeweler for diamonds of all shapes, sizes, and colors—including, of course, black diamonds! We finely design, create, cut, and facet all of our original designs right here in New York to ensure that each one is a head-turning masterpiece. With well over one-hundred-and-fifty-thousand happy brides and shoppers worldwide, you can trust that whatever ring you choose will keep you satisfied for a lifetime. And instead of asking yourself, "What is a black diamond," you'll be left wondering, "Why didn't I buy one sooner?"

But first, you should know the basics when it comes to black diamonds and why they are such a spectacular choice of jewel for your jewelry! So, let's jump right in!

What Is a Black Diamond?

Well, they sound amazing—but what is a black diamond?

A black diamond, also known as a Carbonado, is a unique type of diamond that is a mix of diamond, graphite, and what is called an amorphous carbon. They are among the toughest kinds of natural diamonds found on earth—which is a perfect match to their aesthetic edge and goth vibe—and some scientists even believe their natural creation was made possible thanks to the material within a meteorite that crashed into the earth billions of years ago!

And don't worry; black diamonds are just as authentic and 100% real as your usual clear diamonds! So, if you've been looking for a new piece of jewelry, but have been on the hunt for something unique that breaks away from the status quo, then black diamonds are a fantastic choice.

Fun Fact: The largest cut diamond in the world is actually a black diamond! It's mysteriously named "The Enigma" and weighs in at over 500 carats!

Here's What Makes Black Diamonds So Special

So, as you can see, black diamonds are already pretty cool, but that's not even close to the end of it! There are so many fantastic things about black diamonds that even asking, "What is a black diamond," takes a long conversation to answer! But, for the sake of this blog, we're going to discuss the following three reasons:

They're naturally tougher than other diamonds.

As we said before, they're one of the toughest of the tough when it comes to diamonds, and it's thanks to the addition of that graphite and amorphous carbon in their chemical makeup. That means you won't have to worry excessively about chipping or scratching them, making them an ideal fashion choice for daily use. Plus, their dark tone means they won't clean as frequently compared to their clearer counterparts!

They can work with almost any outfit.

Everyone's taste in fashion is a little bit different. But regardless of whether you prefer a top-down, all-black outfit or one that plays on lighter tones and the prominent use of white, black diamonds can work with almost any outfit you can throw together. So, once you get your very own piece of black diamond jewelry, be sure to get creative and style an absolutely killer look with it.

They're wholly unique.

Finally—just as everyone is—black diamonds are unique in their own beautiful ways. They are the black sheep of diamond jewelry and are proud of it. But even then, they can add a tasteful edge to even the most conventional outfit choices.

What Is a Black Diamond Ring I Would Like?

That is an excellent question, and we're so glad you asked. Though there are plenty of jewelers out there who deal in black diamonds, Black Diamonds New York is your best bet for finding a black diamond ring that will satisfy you for a lifetime. But don't take our word for it; check out two of our wildly popular black diamond rings below!

The "Until Death Do Us Part" Black Diamond Ring

Our "Until Death Do Us Part" rings are the perfect choice for the extraordinary goth ladies in your life—whether that's your significant other or you! Designed with white 14k gold and a centerpiece EVN™ Diamond cut into the shape of a coffin with black diamond accents, you'll absolutely love wearing this ring wherever you go!

Check it out here!

The "I Do" Black Diamond Wedding Ring

And, of course, our other most popular black diamond ring is our "I Do" wedding ring. Available with either 14k white gold or 925 silver and gold plating, the skull-cut black diamonds are sure to turn heads as you walk back down the aisle! So why not celebrate your plunge into holy matrimony in true goth fashion?

Take a look at this one here!

Black Diamonds- New York— Get Your Black Diamonds Today

So, now that we've answered your question, "What is a black diamond," don't you think one would look absolutely perfect with your sense of style? If so, then order yours today, right here at Black Diamonds New York! Based in New York, we are happy to ship worldwide to ensure that everyone can get the black diamond jewelry of their dreams!

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