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Why Buy a Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring?

Did you know that 86.2% of brides believe that the design of their engagement ring is the most important feature?

Having a unique and memorable design is a great way to give her something different than traditional diamond solitaire rings. A pear shaped engagement ring is an excellent choice for this purpose.

It's also great for those with smaller hands, as it will sit closer to the finger and won't get lost on larger fingers. Plus, you can wear these diamond cuts in any direction!

Keep reading to learn more about this style of engagement ring!

History and Significance of the Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring

The history of pear shaped rings dates back centuries and is the result of a diamond shape cut to resemble a peeled fruit. George Frederick Kunz created one of the most popular cuts, called Arrow-Prong, in 1907 for an enormous 173-carat pear-shaped stone from Ceylon.

In 1937, the most famous stone in the world came from a pear-shaped diamond: The Golden Jubilee which is currently worn by Queen Elizabeth II.

This style of engagement ring has made its way into pop culture as well, as seen on Beyonce and her stunning 15 carats Ted Muehling ring at her wedding to Jay-Z.

Benefits of a Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

There are many benefits to choosing a pear shaped engagement ring. There is so much more to love about them including the following:

Diamond Pear Shaped Rings Fit Smaller Hands

If your partner has small hands or they don't wear rings often, it can be difficult to find something that will fit her right. These rings are perfect for smaller hands and won't get lost.

Pear Shaped Ring Styles Are Perfect for Unusual Gems or Bands

You can purchase many styles of pear shaped engagement rings. Some of the styles include an art deco ring, vintage ring, pave band, and a halo diamond setting just to name a few. Pear shaped rings fit with almost any kind of gemstone, so you can find something that will match your cut and clarity.

Pear Shaped Rings Are Interesting & Stunning

Unlike some styles of engagement rings, pear shaped rings have a lot of character. The elongated bottom half makes the ring fun to look at. These unique rings make great conversation pieces!

How to Wear a Pear Shaped Ring

Wearing a pear shaped ring can be confusing at first since there doesn't seem to be a "right way" to wear it. You have two main options for wearing your engagement ring:

Option 1: Wear the Pear Shaped Ring Upside Down — When you wear a pear-shaped engagement ring upside down, the widest point of the ring will be on the bottom. It gives the ring a different look, allowing you to switch things up.

Option 2: Wear the Pear Shaped Ring Right Side Up — When you wear your engagement ring right side up, the widest point of the pear-shaped ring will go up towards your knuckle. You can also wear it with a diamond at any point on the bottom of your ring, which will make it look like a marquise engagement ring.

No matter how you wear it, a pear shaped engagement ring is sure to astound and amaze. There are also a few great ways to style your ring:

Pair it With a Threaded Band for a Modern Look

Wedding bands come in all kinds of styles, from simple to complex. If you want your ring to have the same unique look as pear shaped rings, consider buying a threaded wedding band. You can wear these bands with a variety of different pear-shaped engagement rings to achieve a stunning look.

Stand Out With a Bold Look

No matter what you're wearing, one of the best accessories is a bold statement ring.

Pear shaped rings have an elongated shape which you can display to even better effect with a bolded band or accessory. Try a chunky bracelet or a simple gold chain for a regal look that will steal anyone's attention.

Be Unique

Choosing pear-shaped engagement rings is a unique way to go. These styles have great character and will make your ring stand out from the rest. They also fit with many different kinds of gemstones, you can style them in several different fashions, and they work for almost any size of the hand.

Picking the Right Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

When you want to buy a pear-shaped engagement ring, your first step should always be considering your budget. This will set the tone for your ring and also make it easier to style. Follow these steps to find the perfect ring:

Step 1: Gauge Ring Thickness

Pear shaped engagement rings are usually built to be sturdy since they sit low on the finger. When you are choosing stones, make sure that it is thick enough to do this.

Step 2: Determine How Many Carats You Want Your Stone to Be

The size of your stone will determine how wide and long your pear shaped ring will be. You can find a beautiful, unique engagement ring in almost any carat size.

Step 3: Choose the Perfect Setting

There are many different styles of pear shaped engagement rings, so you can find one to complement your stone. You can also style it in an art deco design or a vintage design for something unique.

Step 4: Buy the Perfect Band

Wedding bands come in all shapes and sizes, but they tend to be much thinner than pear shaped engagement rings. If you want your ring to have the same thickness as your stone, consider buying a threaded wedding band to match it.

Buy a Pear Shaped Engagement Ring Today

Now that you know a bit more about the pear shaped engagement ring, it's time to find one that belongs on your finger!

You can find a ring with any style of stone in almost any carat size you want. And since the wide part of the pear sits low on the finger, you won't have to worry about accidentally hitting it.

To get started with your search, browse our rings today!

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