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Everything You Need to Know When Buying Couples' Rings

Congratulations on reaching a milestone moment in your life; getting married. Most people envision getting married to the love of their life and building a family. Well, you're living your dream, and you've got every reason to be happy.

If you're ready to exchange wedding vows with your significant other, this will probably be one of the biggest days in your life. And you're willing to go an extra mile to create lifetime memories with your fiancé, family, and friends on the big day. While there's so much to take care of during preps, couple's rings are epoch-making.

Couples' rings are an ultimate symbol of connection and lifetime commitment between the groom and bride. Thus, rings are an integral part of your wedding, anniversary, or engagement, regardless of size.

When it comes to buying couples' rings, you're not limited to options. You've got a variety of materials, shapes, styles, and budgets to pick. Well, this can make the task of buying the perfect one overwhelming for you.

Are you grappling to find the perfect rings? Worry no more. Here's a complete guide on everything you need to know when buying couples' rings.

Develop Realistic Budget

Buying couples rings is an expensive investment that requires proper financial planning. You need to create a reasonable budget before you start shopping for your partner's ring. A good budget will govern your expenditures when shopping for the ring to ensure you go for what you can afford.

Choose a reasonable price range and make an accord to cling to it. Sometimes you can even find a unique ring that's perfect for your partner with only half of your budget. That means it's still probable to get affordable couples to ring without breaking the bank.

While discussing your budget, don't forget about financing. Depending on the ring you intend to buy for your partner, you can choose to finance the entire ring or part of it. Even with financing, don't overrun your budget, or otherwise, you'll service huge debts in the future.

Couples should be cautious about their finances before buying a ring. But this doesn't give any room for developing a Limited budget. This is because it'll limit on quality and uniqueness of the ring you'll get for your loved one.

No matter your budget, ensure you speak it out to your jeweler. If they're reputable, they'll respect it and help you find a ring that falls within your price range.

Consider the Four C's

The four C's is one of the terms you'll run into several times when researching couples' rings, particularly diamonds. The grading and pricing of diamond rings depend on these four C's. These C's are:

Cut: refers to the method through which the diamond gem was faceted and sliced to enhance its brilliance

Clarity: clarity of diamond rings is ranked from FL, which stands for flawless, to I3, which represents huge and visible inclusions

Color: white diamonds are grouped on a color scale that runs from pure white to yellow

Carat: it's a unit used to measure the weight of the stone used in making a diamond ring

Knowing these C's is very important if you're planning to get your partner a diamond ring. They'll help you understand the ring's quality and determine its price. In fact, it's wise to be curious to know what you're paying for.

Even though all the C's are paramount, experts in the jewelry industry recommend you prioritize the cut when evaluating a diamond ring. Wondering why? Diamonds with poor quality cuts don't reflect light well, so they look dim and dull.

Choose Your Metal

The couple rings are made from a variety of metals. They include gold, diamond, platinum, palladium, and tungsten. So, you'll have multiple options to comb through when choosing your partner's band.

Of course, you don't want to select a poor-quality metal that can disappoint your partner, right? Take your time to research the pros and cons of every metal before choosing any. To be safe, select the metal with pros that outweigh the cons if you don't have any preference.

Also, jewelry experts recommend you choose the exact metal that matches your partner's everyday jewelry. For example, if most of their jewelry is made from silver, they'll prefer a white gold or platinum ring. And if they like wearing yellow or rose gold rings, stick to that.

Moreover, you can ask your partner's best friend or sibling for help if you're not sure about your partner's preference. Ask them to spy on your partner's style and help you ascertain their signature style. This will minimize the odds of making wrong conclusions regarding your spouse's taste.

Don't forget to swear your partner's sibling or friend for secrecy if you're planning a surprise.

Work With a Jeweler

Customizing your partner's band feels more special than buying it from a store. It's an ideal way of getting your partner a wedding or engagement ring that's unique, personal, and fashionable. Therefore, work with a reputable jeweler if your goal is to get a quirky ring for your loved one.

Today, many people eschew diamonds to opt for something that walks the line between modern and vintage. They are careless about a big diamond and focus on quality, cut, and unique shape. If you don't want to be the only one left in the dark, get an expert to make an unpredictable ring for your spouse.

If you decide to deal with a jeweler, work with a professional. Ensure your jeweler is reputable and experienced in designing rings of all types. They'll determine whether you'll get what you're paying for or not.

To ascertain your jeweler is the best, go through their gallery to review their past works. Do they match your standards and specifications? If they don't, look for another jeweler to avoid frustrations.

In addition, you can read online reviews from their website. Avoid them completely if your potential jeweler has negative reviews that outweigh the positive ones. If many customers are unhappy and dissatisfied with services, that indicates inexperience.

Also, you can ask your friends or family for referrals if they have ever worked with a jeweler before. Referrals will make your task easier and less time-consuming because you'll have fewer options to compare. Also, they'll reduce the chances of working with an inexperienced jeweler.

Work with jewelers who have been in the industry for at least five years. They're not only experienced but know the current trends so they can advise you where necessary.

Check Ring Sizing

The size of the band is another factor you can't afford to overlook when buying wedding rings. The ring's size determines whether it'll perfectly fit in your partner's finger or not. For this reason, watch out to get the perfect size for your spouse's ring.

To determine the right band's size for your spouse, look at the shape of their fingers and how they like wearing their rings. Also, don't forget to evaluate the width of the ring.

To be 100% sure of your partner's ring size, take a ring they wear and use it as a sample. You can slip it onto your finger and mark where it hits. Also, you can use a ring sizer to ascertain the sizing.

If you're not sure of your partner's ring size, you can do the following:

  • buy a floor sample for your proposal or engagement and then order the exact size afterward
  • ask your jeweler for an advice

If you find yourself in such a scenario, opt for a big and not a small ring. This is because it's possible for you to re-size a big ring and a small one.

Consider Store's Return Policies

With a big and important purchase like this one, you should consider things like return policies. Before buying a ring from any store, learn about their return policies first. These policies vary from one store to another, so be keen to compare them.

Some jewelry stores might not accept returned products, so avoid them if you doubt your buying ring. Others might have lengthy procedures that they follow before accepting any returned item. If you're not sure about the ring you're purchasing, choose a jewelry store with favorable return policies.

Many jewelry stores will look at multiple things before accepting a returned ring. These things include:

  • the date that particular ring was purchased
  • condition of the ring
  • if the ring was re-sized or repaired at the time of purchase
  • is the custom ring engraved or designed?
  • the packaging and paperwork of the ring

Take your time to check such things to ensure you can exchange the stone if that's not what they want

While checking the policies of a store, be keen to note the given return period. Many retailers won't accept a ring if it's returned after the number of days they've given on their policies.

While shopping for a ring for your partner, remember returns become complicated if you work with a jeweler to customize it. As a result, be more cautious when giving specifications to your jeweler to avoid any errors.

Don't Shop Alone

Buying a pear engagement ring for your spouse can be an overwhelming task, especially if you do it alone. You'll have many critical decisions to make and others things before getting an impeccable ring for your partner. With all these things on your plate, it would be best if you get someone to help you.

If possible, ask your friends for a company when you're shopping around. They might be knowledgeable about the best stores to buy from or reputable jewelers to deal with. That means they'll save you the hassle of finding the best jeweler or retailer to deal with.

Besides that, they'll make the process to be enjoyable. They'll advise you on the ring that might be perfect for your spouse and reduce the chances of spurious decisions. Also, with their help, it'll be difficult for you to be scammed.

Order in Advance

If you decide to customize your partner's engagement ring, you'll need to place an order in advance. This is because your jeweler will require some time to design and put it on the ring's setting.

If the ring you want has unique features, your jeweler will start making it from scratch. That means a lot of time will be needed to create and design the ring that'll meet all your expectations. Experts recommend you place an order two months before your engagement or wedding event.

If you're planning to engrave the inside of the band, remember to request the inscription while placing your order. Otherwise, your partner's ring might take a longer time than expected.

Go for Couple Bands

If you're buying rings for your wedding, it's good to get matching wedding bands. They're the most classy and elegant rings for couples you'll ever find. In fact, they're acknowledged as the most preferred couples ring design.

Moreover, a couple of bands align with the latest trends, so they're highly valued and demanded. They've been trending for quite some time, and the trend is still going on. If you get these rings, rest assured to be among the most stylish couple in town.

If you choose to go for a couple of bands for your wedding, you'll have numerous options at your disposal. Some of the options include single-tone, studded, plain, white gold, yellow gold, two-told, and many more.

To pick the best couple of bands, you can research online to learn more about them. Based on the information you'll collect, select the ones that match your needs. Also, you can consult your friends or colleagues who have ever bought such bands before.

Many couples prefer gold couple rings because they go well with multiple outfits. They can be worn with traditional and casual clothes. Additionally, you can wear them in the office and on regular basis.

Consider the Above When Buying Couples' Rings

Couples' rings are indeed an important part of love birds' jewelry. A ring becomes a special symbol for the declaration of your love to one another. If you're celebrating the special bonding you share, make sure to purchase the perfect couple rings for the big day.

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