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10 Best Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings in 2022

Getting engaged and finally getting married to that special person is one of life’s most exciting moments. What better way to celebrate those moments than with a custom-made ring from the heart.

Whether intimate and imaginative, soft and subtle, or bold and beautiful, discover what can make your love story truly unique. As far as engagement and wedding rings are concerned, personalization possibilities are never-ending.

Need help telling your love story? Read on to learn more about the trends when it comes to engagement and wedding rings! 

1.  Gender-Neutral

The gender-neutral rings will surpass trending and become ingrained in engagement and wedding tradition for years to come. The key to a successful gender-neutral line is size inclusivity. This simply means all styles are available to all people, regardless of their personal style or ring size.

These rings can be bold or delicate and set in a gold or platinum band. They can be a brilliant-cut diamond in a solitaire white metal setting or a band with diamonds around the whole length. The possibilities are endless. The 1.0CT Round Moissanite Simple Classic Ring is one of the best examples.  

2.  Pear Shaped Diamond Rings 

Pear cut diamond rings are among the best engagement rings this year. What makes a pear-shaped diamond desirable is not only its teardrop design but also its elongated shape.

The elongated shape of the stone can help with a larger spread and accentuate the length of your bride-to-be's fingers. So, it’s a very versatile shape that can look great on anyone’s hand.

The pear-shaped diamond ring became most in demand in 2022 when Adele’s huge diamond made headlines. According to Kyron Keogh, Adele’s pear-cut diamond is 8 to 10 carats. It is indeed a feminine and timeless style that is here to stay.

This trend of engagement rings is available with both natural and lab-grown diamonds. If you compare the cost of natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds, the latter is the better alternative if you have a tight budget. They’ve got almost the same brilliance as the natural ones, but at a fraction of the cost.

One of the best options is the Pear Cut Simulated Diamonds Engagement Ring, which features a four-prong setting and yellow gold plating. 

3.  Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings

The vintage look is one of the most popular trends right now. Vintage or antique engagement rings come with their rich history, which the current generation finds relevant and unique. 

Three popular eras stand out when looking for vintage engagement rings, Victorian, Art Deco, and Edwardian. Rings from these eras feature refined craftsmanship and striking designs. Victorian ring designs, for example, include complex motifs and they are quite feminine. Diamonds tend to be old mine cuts or small rose cuts often complemented by colored gems. 

Vintage and antique engagement rings provide personal style and add sentimental value to a love story. The Vintage Rose Gold Oval Cut Opal Engagement Ring is one of the best Victorian-era designs. 

4.  Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

The next popular sought-after style in 2022 is the hidden halo engagement ring. It is a modern take on a more traditional style with increasing popularity.

In a normal design, the halo is kind of attached to the prongs. But in a hidden halo design, the halo is underneath. From the top, the ring looks like a solitaire. From the side, you get that extra bling and sparkle from the hidden halo.

The hidden halo design can make your diamond or gem appear larger, and works with any diamond shape.

5.  Colorful Gemstones

Although diamonds are the primary choice for most ladies as center gems for an engagement ring, there are a growing number of people who are choosing to use colorful gemstones.

The choice of colorful gemstones can effectively bring down the cost of a ring while giving you a beautiful way to express your love. Among the most popular colored gemstones are sapphire, morganite, and emerald.

6.  Eternity Band Rings

The popularity of eternity band rings has been on the rise in 2022. Many love birds use them instead of the usual wedding rings, while others use them on special occasions like anniversaries.

What makes eternity band rings so special and trendy is the fact that small diamonds, gems, or stones are set all the way around the band. The gems can be alternated with different colored stones and patterns.

We’ve got some of the best Stackable Eternity Wedding Rings with beautiful designs and colors that symbolize everlasting love in our collection.

7.  Thicker Bands

This year we have seen thicker, chunkier, and more robust engagement rings. Thicker and wider rings are gaining popularity fast, making them an attention-grabbing statement piece for any love story.

One of the benefits of selecting a thicker band is comfort and durability for everyday wear. Thicker or wider bands also take up more space on the finger, proving more visual impact in a range of budgets.

Some ladies prefer multi-band engagement rings, which may include a cut diamond prong set atop a multi-band split shank.

8. Two-Stone Engagement Rings

It’s been almost seven decades since the two-stone engagement ring or Toi Et Moi was debuted by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

The Toi Et Moi made a comeback in 2022 when Machine Gun Kelly proposed to actress Megan Fox in January. The design of the ring includes a coiled band with two diamonds or gems of the same or different colors. The gems are nested side by side. This is a very romantic trend that symbolizes two lovers meeting as one.  

9.  Cathedral Setting Diamond Engagement Rings

The cathedral-setting diamond engagement rings are beautiful, unique, and highly impressive. This trend will immediately catch your eye and complement most diamond cuts.

Simulating the classic arches of the ancient cathedrals, this unique trend makes the diamond or gem appear much larger.

You would choose a cathedral setting from a durability standpoint because you know that you’re either prone to knocking the ring on things.  

10. Fancy Shaped Diamond Rings

Another trend that has moved into the spotlight in 2022 is the fancy-shaped diamonds.

People are getting outside of the traditional cuts and going for something a little bit bolder. Some fancy styles to look out for include marquise, cushion, tourmaline Asscher, emerald, and classic oval. These cuts are very interesting and unique.

The marquise, for example, is set traditionally with the tip up and down. The same stone can be set side by side to provide something different.

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