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Shine On: 10 Unique Engagement Ring Ideas for Women

In 2021, about 1 out of every 4 engagement rings had a man-made center stone instead of a diamond. Not every bride-to-be wants to go with the traditional diamond ring. And that's okay. 

In today's modern world, there are so many beautiful and unique engagement rings for women. These rings are customizable and there are so many designs available that every bride can find stylish nontraditional engagement rings as unique as they are.

In this guide, we'll display 10 of our favorite unique engagement rings for the modern bride-to-be. If you're interested in finding the best engagement rings for your style, keep reading for more. 

Engagement Ring Trends

Yellow gold for engagement rings is making a comeback over the more popular white gold trends of the previous years. 

Colored stones such as Alexandrite, Emerald, and Sapphires are also coming into popularity. This is due to an influx of popular celebrity engagement rings bursting with colorful stones. 

And as stated above, the desire for created center stones over diamonds is also dominating engagement ring trends. This is for a variety of reasons such as cost, functionality, and sustainability. 

As far as designs go, vintage ring settings, halo styles, and 3-stone engagement rings provide brides with an array of eclectic and cool engagement rings to choose from.

1. Yellow Gold Sona Diamond Halo Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring

This Sona Diamond Halo Emerald-Cut engagement ring in yellow gold flawlessly blends a bold design with a timeless vintage appearance. You'll look like a classic Hollywood movie starlet for sure.

This ring hits the mark for several of the current engagement ring trends while still retaining a unique feel all its own. The center stone has a green emerald appearance but it is actually a Sona Simulated Diamond or a Moissanite stone.

Sona Simulated Diamonds are created to look just like real diamonds and are indistinguishable from their diamond counterparts to the naked eye. You get all of the color, cut, clarity, and carat weight of a real emerald-cut green emerald stone for a fraction of the price.  

The Moissanite stone option is also available in clear, green, yellow, blue-green, black, and grey. Moissanite is strong enough to pass the diamond test in hardness, clarity, and cut. 

The 4-prong stone setting is surrounded by 4 larger 0.25-carat round-cut circular side stones in a halo of smaller clear-colored glittering round accent stones. This makes it one of the most unique engagement rings for women.

2. 3.5ct Three Stone Simulated Blue Sapphire Oval-Cut Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

Channel your inner princess with this striking Three-Stone Oval-Cut Simulated Blue Sapphire engagement ring in yellow gold. This ring is a modern twist that is reminiscent of Princess Diana's blue Sapphire engagement ring.

The ring came back into popularity again when her son William chose to propose with it to his future wife Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge, in 2010. Diana's ring today has an estimated value of over $400,000 for its 12 carats. 

When thinking of unique engagement rings for women, this one is certain to turn heads. The 3.5-carat weight Blue Sapphire center stone is a simulated oval-cut stone. But it won't cost you a royal price.

If you wish to go with the upgraded Moissanite stone instead, you can specify your color at checkout. The Moissanite oval-cut stone comes in blue-green, grey, black, yellow, green, and clear color stone varieties.

The ring's side stones are 2 white half-round cut and shaped stones measuring about 4mm each. Its elegance and sophistication are on point with the three-stone ring and blue sapphire-colored stone engagement ring trends. 

3. Unique Double Stones Design Radiant and Pear-Cut Engagement Ring

Bucking traditional style altogether, Jackie Kennedy Onassis paved the way for unique engagement rings when she wore a two-stone green emerald and baguette-cut white diamond ring.

Actress Megan Fox's engagement ring, from singer and actor Machine Gun Kelly, follows closely behind this First Lady's trend with two pear-cut stones, comprised of an emerald and a diamond.

For a similar but still unique engagement ring, this Double-Stone Design Radiant and Pear-Cut engagement ring knows how to wow. It features two large and lovely center stones. 

On the left side is a 4-carat radiant cut rectangular-shaped Paraiba Tourmaline green stone. The ride side features a 2-carat teardrop-shaped pear-cut Sona Simulated Diamond white stone. Both of the stones are held into place with 4 prong claw settings.

The band is just a plain white metal but with bling like this on your finger, you don't need any extra embellishments. You could stop traffic with these gleaming and sparkling stones. 751 915

4. Unique Rose Gold Pear-Cut Halo Black Diamond Engagement Ring

For something truly different and stunning, this Rose Gold Pear-Cut Black Diamond engagement ring is just what you need to stand out from the crowd. 

A 2.2-carat (measuring 7x11mm) pear-cut Sona Simulated Diamond stone sits in a rose gold setting encased by a pear-shaped halo of 24 smaller round-cut black diamonds. The 2mm rose gold band also contains a row of 8 black diamonds set into the band on each side.

In total there are 40 accent stones in this ring that help to play up the color and beauty of its impressive jet black faceted center stone. We just couldn't pass this up as one of our unique engagement rings for women.

The way the two tones of the black diamonds against the rose gold metal band and the setting is something you don't see every day. It provides a sleek and dramatic contrast that is different from the more traditional engagement ring styles and yet it is still very pleasing to the eye.

5. Unique Flower Halo Design Round-Cut Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

Breathtakingly beautiful, this Flower Halo Design Round-Cut engagement in yellow gold is nothing short of extraordinary. It's like wearing a glittery golden sunflower right on your finger. 

It features an 8mm 2.0 carat round-cut Sona Simulated Diamond white sapphire-colored stone in a 4 prong setting. Sona Siumalted Diamonds are made to emulate the beauty and strength of real diamonds without worrying about breaking the bank.

The center stone gets its added beauty from 32 round-cut accent stones that circle around in a halo design that has a floral pattern. This is a total weight of nearly 0.5 carats for the side and accent stones alone. 

But the sparkle doesn't stop there. Because set within the ring's yellow gold band are an additional 8 accent stones on each side. This ring may almost shine brighter than the actual sun itself. A personal favorite that we just had to add to our growing list of unique engagement rings for women.

6. Elegant Bow-Knot Design Engagement Ring

This noticeable engagement ring design strays from the norm of a usual in-line single stone setting. When someone loves you it feels like you've got everything you need all wrapped up in a great big bow. The Elegant Bow-Knot Design Engagement Ring knows all about that.

With its distinct look, it's so realistic and three-dimensional that it really does appear as if you have a glimmering diamond bow wrapped around your finger. 

The white gold metal band twists around to display curved rows of various emerald-cut Sona Simulated Diamonds on the top loops, bottom ribbon strands, and at its center all within a 4 prong setting. Underneath these loops are round cut smaller accent stones. The largest stone is about 1 carat in weight.

It has a delicate-looking style and a feminine design that takes on a life of its own. This ring is a symbol of true and everlasting love which is the greatest gift of all. 

7. Twist Halo 1.5ct Marquise-Cut Engagement Ring

A marquise-cut stone is unique in its own way because it is not a widely used standard cut for engagement rings like a round-cut or a princess-cut are. The marquise-cut stone's shape has been attributed to a big pair of lips, a cat's eye, or an elongated football when displayed horizontally.

For this Twist Halo Marquise-Cut Engagement Ring, it has a 1.5-carat weight center stone in a 4 prong setting. The marquise-cut stone is a white sapphire-colored Sona Simulated Diamond. The band splits into two shanks at both sides, giving the illusion that the metal of the band is twisted in shape. 

Incorporated into the band are 24 round-cut white accent stones on each side going up towards the base. Around the top of the center marquise-cut stone is a halo in a marquise-cut pattern with an additional 24 round-cut accent stones.

This engagement ring is a class and intricate choice to add to our guide of unique engagement rings for women.

8. Pink Sapphire Emerald-Cut Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Pink sapphires are not stones you are used to seeing in an engagement ring, so it adds to the uniqueness of the ring when they are implemented in a design. This Pink Sapphire Emerald-Cut Three-Stone Engagement ring is no exception. 

It has a 4.0-carat emerald-cut and pink sapphire-colored Sona Simulated Diamond stone set in a 4 prong gold setting. Its two-tone design contrasts with the white gold band. It has a heart cut 1.0-carat weight side stone on the left and the right of the center stone. 

Although it has a more prominently sized stone, the pink coloring is subtle and the ring shines in the light from every angle due to the mirrorlike larger emerald-cut facets that reflect beams of light off of the stone's surface.

With a ring like this, you'll certainly be tickled pink to receive it and wear it. This is why we've included it in our list of unique engagement rings for women.

9. Oval-Cut Natural Alexandrite Gemstone Engagement Ring

For extra razzle and dazzle, this Oval-Cut Natural Alexandrite Gemstone Engagement ring has it all. It looks like a shooting star came straight out of the sky and landed right on your finger.  

Alexandrite is a naturally occurring gemstone that changes color depending on the light it's in. Alexandrite may change from a reddish-purple color to a more blueish green tone depending on the time of day too. 

So you're not just getting a single colored stone, you can have a rainbow of colors inside your oval-cut stone. Alexandrite is ethically mined so there is no worry about conflict 

Accompanied by 5 twinkling accent stones inlaid into the band on each side. The top of the ring has 4 larger pear-cut accent stones on the top, bottom, and sides, along with 8 smaller accent stones in prong settings. 

This ring's band is available in rose gold and silver. It has a total ring weight of 2.2 grams. 

10. Hell and Back Limited Coffin-Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

For a love that will never die, this imaginative Hell and Back Limited Coffin-Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring finishes out our guide of unique engagement rings for women. Any bride-to-be with ample gothic style will love this engagement ring to death. 

A distinct clear-colored Moissanite or EVN™ Diamond sits in a 4 pronged setting. What really gives this ring its uniqueness is that the stone is specially cut to resemble a casket or coffin in appearance. This is not usually seen in more traditional engagement rings.

This ring also has numerous ways to customize the band coloring and accent metal decorative vines and leaves portion. For this you can choose from the following:

  • Silver
  • Silver and Rose Gold Plating
  • Silver and Balck Gold Plating
  • Silver and Black Gold Vines
  • 14K White Gold
  • 14K Rose Gold
  • Silver and Rose Gold Band

With so many great options for customizing your band and accents, you can truly personalize it just the way you want it to suit your style.

Affordable and Unique Engagement Rings for Women at Black Diamonds New York

This is just a small sampling of all the beautiful and unique engagement rings for women on our site. Black Diamonds New York specializes in high-quality and affordable women's and men's rings and jewelry.

Our stones are natural or created gemstones, so they are sustainable and conflict-free. All of our rings are customizable too. Just tell us if you want to make any changes to the stone or the metal type and we can make it happen.

Black Diamonds New York believes in providing luxurious-looking jewelry for a fraction of the cost.

Contact Us today for a free VIP consultation. 

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