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Why You Should Buy Gold and Silver Engagement Rings for Your Fiancé

On average, couples spend 16.7% of their total wedding budget on their jewelry alone. That's more than the combined food and drink budget of 16%.

The jewelry, namely the engagement ring and wedding ring, plays an important part in the proposal and wedding. They are a symbol that represents the couple's undying love. The ring is a perfect circle, which has no beginning and no end.

When it comes to engagement ring designs, the types and colors of metal can heavily influence the cost and appearance of your rings. Gold and silver engagement rings offer a variety of different tones and colors for your fiancé's engagement ring options. 

Want to know more about gold and silver engagement rings for your fiancé? In this guide, we'll tell you everything you need to know about gold and silver engagement rings, including the different types and styles of metals. Keep reading to discover more.


Both gold and silver rings have their benefits and their drawbacks. First, we'll take a look at gold and the pros and cons of what it offers. 

The earliest signs of humans using gold to make jewelry date back as far as 4,000 B.C. to the Varna Necropolis gravesite. Gold jewelry is prized for its durability and long-lasting sheen. It offers a timeless and classic look. 

Types of Gold

When considering gold for your engagement ring designs, it is important to know the different types of gold metals and colors available and their attributes. This will help you make the best choice in finding which types of gold best suit your style, durability, and budget. The three main types and colors of gold are yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.

Gold varies based on its caratage, that is, the amount of pure gold contained in it. The higher the amount of pure gold, the more expensive it will be. This can be a major factor if you are on a tight budget. Yellow gold is one of the most commonly used types of gold for engagement ring options, followed by white gold, and rose gold.

The most common types of gold used in white and yellow gold engagement ring designs are:

  • 9k gold-37.5% pure gold
  • 10k gold-41.7% pure gold
  • 14k gold-58.3% pure gold
  • 18k gold-75% pure gold
  • 22k gold-91.7% pure gold

The caratage number denotes the number of parts of the metal that contain pure and solid gold out of the total number of 100% 24k gold. For example, 9k gold is only 9 parts pure gold out of 24, the remaining 15 parts are an alloy construct. 

There are also gold-filled and gold-plated options. Gold-filled is actually a thicker layer of pure gold applied to an alloy base. Gold-plated, on the other hand, is a thin layer of pure gold on an alloy base, which can flake and chip off. 

Rose gold is popular for its rosy pink or brassy coloring, but this is a result of mixing yellow gold with a copper alloy. Sometimes sterling silver also mixes in with the copper and yellow gold content.

How to Wear Gold Engagement Rings

Gold engagement rings, especially yellow gold, look better on individuals with warm skin tones. If the color of the veins in your arm appears to have a green tone to them, you have warm skin tones. If your complexion has gold, yellow, or peach undertones, you are also a warm tone.

Gold engagement rings vary depending on the colors and types of gold, but generally yellow gold will look best with colored stones. Darker or deeper and brighter stone colors will pop against a yellow gold setting. If you are going for a more classic look, you can still pair yellow gold with colorless diamonds.

Rose gold will look bring an extra luster to any pink stones, such as a pink sapphire and rose quartz. It will also work well with purple hues, deep blues, and garnet stones.


Silver metal provides a versatile and modern design for engagement ring options. It is a clean and sleek look that is bright and dazzling. It emulates the same silver tone as more expensive metals like platinum and white gold for a much lower cost.   

Types of Silver

Just like gold, there are different forms of silver to choose from. Knowing the differences can impact your ring's quality and cost if you have a silver ring budget to work with. 

The most common forms of silver metals for engagement rings are:

  • Silver Plated
  • Silver Filled
  • Sterling Silver 925
  • Stainless Steel

Pure silver on its own is too soft to use entirely for engagement rings. So it is necessary to combine it with other metals to make it stronger. Here are the differences in silver metal types.  

Sterling Silver 925

Sterling Silver 925 is one of the most popular forms of silver metal for jewelry and engagement ring options. It has a 92.5% pure silver composition and a 7.5% metal alloy component. It relies on this 7.5% alloy composition to make it a stronger metal suitable for engagement ring options.

Sterling silver has a beautiful shine to it which makes it the top choice for strong and shiny jewelry that is also affordable. There is a wide variety of silver engagement ring designs to choose from. Silver jewelry also develops a patina, a layer of oxidation, as it ages which adds character to the piece.

The major downside of sterling silver jewelry is its ability to tarnish when exposed to certain environmental factors such as humid air, chemicals, and improper storage.

Regular silver polishing and other cleaning methods can keep it looking good. As well as storing it in tarnish-resistant flannel bags, jewelry drawers, or boxes. It should not be kept with tarnished jewelry as this can spread.

Real sterling silver jewelry will always contain a stamp or impression on it somewhere that indicates it is sterling silver. For sterling silver engagement ring options, this is usually on the inside of the band. Some examples of a sterling silver stamp may be: 

  • 925
  • .925
  • S925
  • a lion stamp (for UK jewelry)

Sterling silver also comes in an additional form called Argentium. Argentium is made from 93.5% sterling silver with a 5.5% copper base, and a 1% top layer of Germanium, which offers a higher resistance against tarnishing. It is referred to as Sterling Silver 935 because of its 93.5% silver content, but it will be more expensive in comparison because of a higher percentage of silver.


Silver-filled jewelry does not contain pure and solid sterling silver. The name is misleading and, as a result, you could end up with a piece of jewelry that does not live up to your expectations. Silver only comprises about 5% of the total jewelry piece.

Silver-filled jewelry comprises a thick layer of sterling silver that coats a metallic alloy base. Silver-filled engagement ring options give you the look of real silver for much less than sterling silver. Silver-filled is sturdier because it is a thicker coating of sterling silver covering an alloy base.


Silver-plated jewelry is not a solid piece of silver jewelry either.  Silver-plated jewelry is considerably cheaper, but that is because it has much less real silver content.

For silver-plated jewelry, the silver portion comes from a thin silver layer that covers the base. The base of the silver-plated jewelry is primarily made of metal alloys such as copper, brass, and nickel. Silver only comprises about 5% of the total jewelry piece.

Silver-plated jewelry is also more likely to degrade over time, such as denting and scratching. This fine silver layering is prone to chipping and flaking off with long-term wear. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel, while not made from silver, does have a strong and shiny silver coloring to it. It may be used especially in men's wedding and engagement rings because it is so sturdy and scratch-resistant.

So stainless steel is ideal for jewelry worn for everyday wear because there is less worry that it will be damaged. Stainless steel is easier to clean than sterling silver and does not tarnish or corrode as 925 sterling silver can.

Stainless steel also does not require rhodium plating to enhance its strength. It's a more cost-effective option to achieve that silver sheen for a lower price tag. Stainless steel is eco-friendly to produce and is 100% recyclable.

However, stainless steel is not as easy to size because of its sturdiness. There may not be as many styles available in stainless steel versus gold and silver engagement rings. The metal reacts poorly to chlorine so it's important to remove it before swimming. 

How to Wear Silver Engagement Rings

Silver looks especially striking when worn with black and dark blue since it provides a richer contrast and a darker background for silver's shine to really pop. Some may consider silver to be a more casual color. 

It is recommended that silver tones also work better for those with cooler skin tones. A cool skin tone means the appearance of your arm veins will be more bluish in color. For cool skin tones, your skin may also have a pinker or redder complexion.

The silver tones also complement the brilliance of natural and simulated colorless diamonds. Silver metal tones allow for a diamond's natural brilliance to shine through without taking away from it. 

Metal Allergy Considerations

There is one thing to keep in mind for alloys used in sterling silver and gold. if your fiancé has a metal allergy, you'll need to make sure that the alloys contained in the ring's metal are nickel-free. Nickel is more likely to cause allergic reactions which can include rashes and itching, and blisters.

Two-Tone Gold and Silver Engagement Rings

Gold and silver engagement rings are usually thought of as separate entities for engagement ring options. You either go with one or the other. Now there are options for incorporating both metals into one ring.

Not only do two-tone engagement rings give you more options for choice, but they also have a unique visual aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye. The use of both metals creates a modern look that still has a vintage vibe. Two-tone gold and silver engagement rings offer versatility for wearing with everything from jeans to formal attire. 

Another benefit of two-tone gold and silver engagement rings is that while gold and silver look better depending on skin tones, those who have both cool and warm skin tones or neutral tones will look good in both gold and silver. So two-tone engagement ring designs with gold and silver tones will look best on neutral skin tone types.

Two-tone designs can incorporate silver with yellow gold or rose gold. This way you can have gold and silver together but for much less than a gold ring alone.

Giving Gold and Silver Engagement Rings to Your Fiancé

So, why should you buy gold and silver engagement rings for your fiancé? In today's modern world, the job of proposing is not solely left to the man anymore. Women can propose to their fiancés just as much as men can propose to their fiancées. 

The current trend shows more and more men are wearing engagement rings of their own or those who are at least open to the idea of it. 

Ultimately, the final choice you make will be determined by your budget and your fiancé's style and taste preferences. But both gold and silver engagement rings offer you so many unique styles and cost-effective options. 

Silver allows for more intricate design patterns because its softness shapes better. Gold is durable and can last for much longer, making it ideal for heirloom rings passed down through the family. 

When you give gold and silver engagement rings, no matter which one you choose, it is a shining representation of your love for your fiancé. You've picked out a ring that says "I choose you and I want to spend my life loving you." 

Quality and Affordable Gold and Silver Engagement Rings for Your Fiancé

Whether you're buying gold and silver engagement rings for your fiancé, it's a big step in your relationship. It means you're getting ready to pop the ultimate question and pledge your love to the one who makes your life complete.

Black Diamonds New York wants to help you find the best ring for your fiancé, one he'll be proud to wear and show off. Browse our full catalog of beautiful and affordable wedding ring and engagement ring designs. Or let us help you design and customize the ring of his dreams.

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