Black Diamonds- New York featured on Wedding Chicks - Black Diamonds New York

Black Diamonds- New York featured on Wedding Chicks

If You’re A Goth Fan These Unique Engagement Rings Are Truly Poetic

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It’s been way too long since we’ve mused over unique engagement rings—and when we say unique, we mean the exceptional kind, the holy-s***-that-ring-is-amaze sort of unique. Yes, gemstone rings are cool and hell yesss give us all the starburst settings, but have you ever seen a coffin cut engagement ring? We’d venture to say that you probably haven’t, and that’s a shame, because these rings have the potential to take your breath away (in the best way) for eternity. Black Diamonds- New York knows what we’re talking about, so if the idea of something dark and moody on that finger gives you all the feels, then you’ll want to read on.

Macabre, but make it fashion

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If you haven’t gotten around to Netflix and chilling with “Wednesday,” which braves a modern-day version of the Addams Family with Wednesday Addams as the principal character, you’re going to want to cancel all your weekend plans and binge it hard. Jenna Ortega plays Wednesday and she’s freaking phenomenal, but really what we’re getting at is the idea that gothic style is life these days. Even this year’s Met Gala, which paid homage to Gilded Glamour, saw hits from celebrities rocking inimitable black ensembles on the red carpet. And when fashion’s most celebrated night brings attention to a trend like this, you have to know it’s legit.

It’s all in their name

Black Diamonds-New York (a team of mostly military spouses, talented designers, and badass jewelers) has been in the goth game for nearly 10 years, and they know the spooky, yet oh-so-stylish vibes aren’t going anywhere any time soon. At Black Diamonds-New York, the team goes above and beyond with quality and affordability. They take pride in their products, and everything is handmade with love and handcrafted to perfection. One-of-a-kind usually comes with a big price tag attached to it, but fortunately with BDNY, exclusive doesn’t mean inaccessible. In fact, even with a continuous rollout of striking never-seen-before designs, affordability is never overlooked at the expense of quality.

Black Diamonds- New York Black Engagement Ring and Wedding BandRINGS: 

We’re thrilled to death with these

Whether you'll be having an enchantingly gothic wedding or just want a ring to complement your usually monochromatic, modern goth fashion sense, there's no better way to let your dark side shine

Black Diamonds- New York Black Engagement RingRING: 

Black Diamonds- New York Black Engagement Ring RINGS: 

Black Diamonds- New York Black Engagement Ring with CrowRING: 

Black Diamonds- New York Black Engagement Ring with Spider WebRINGS: 

Black Diamonds- New York Black Wedding BandsRING: 

We’ll never find a more mesmeric ring…

“My future wife and I have a very unique and beautiful style. Because of that I was nervous to get a ring from any company. But this company did a fantastic job of making it a comfortable and beautiful memorable experience.” ~ Ben P.

“Let me just say, this is the most stunning ring I’ve ever had. My last wedding ring from my previous marriage was a 3 ct. cushion cut diamond that cost $30,000 and it wasn’t NEARLY as beautiful as this one. I am so impressed with the quality, cut, sparkle, and the sizing. And we didn’t break the bank and go into debt for a wedding ring. 10/10 recommend.” ~Lindsey A.

“Ordered this ring for my wife as her wedding ring. She is absolutely in love with it. Everyone we know agrees that it’s a beautiful and unique alternative to a simple traditional ring.” ~ Quinten S.

“For the price the quality and look is fantastic! I am absolutely blown away it looks even better in person and I've gotten a ton of compliments everytime! 10/10 can't recommend enough.” ~ Heather H.

… Quoth the Black Diamonds-New York customers, Nevermore

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Scary savings

All of the Black Diamonds-New York’s unique engagement rings and wedding jewelry (for brides OR grooms) are already ridiculously reasonable, but with promo code “BDNY30” @ checkout, you can get an extra 30% OFF + Free Shipping. Plus, sign up for their mailing list for a chance to win a $1000 shopping spree.

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