We value all our shoppers all over the world. We do not condone racist remarks, libelious comments, false reviews or any kind of threats for both our staffs and our brand. All issues can be resolved with our 100% commitment to customer satisfaction. If you encounter any issues with your order or delays due to shipping restrictions or any other reasons, we will be here to help. Our company is known for it's generosity so just ask nicely. Let's all be kind.

Chargeback and Friendly Frauds
We welcome anyone to shop with us. If you encounter any issues or have questions with your order, please reach out to our team ASAP. Note that most our products are handcrafted between 3 to 20 business days depending on the intricacy of the design or your custom request. Please DO NOT FILE A CHARGEBACK OR DISPUTE YOUR ORDER because you are not willing to wait, didn't read our production time, or encountered an issue, email our team instead. Our legal team monitors all chargebacks and friendly frauds closely and we would rather resolve any issues with you than opening a case. Note that making an illegitimate claims or false chargeback in most states is punishable with a fine or imprisonment. If you need a free ring for your wedding, you can contact our team for more info how to receive one. To learn more, click here. We have a FREE RING FOR YOUR WEDDING program for our US military servicemen and women and for those who cannot afford to buy one. All you have to do is ask.

Most of our jewelry are made-to-order. Each piece is handcrafted with love and created to last a lifetime. Each piece is personalized with CAD drawing, unique wax, mould, one-of-a-kind stone, and more.

Why is Seel Return Assurance added to my order?
You have the option to add or remove Seel Return Assurance from your cart. If you purchase Seel Return Assurance for eligible items in your order, your non-returnable order such as custom-made jewelry and items on clearance will be automatically covered by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and can be returned with no questions asked. If you do not purchase Seel Return Assurance along with your order, your order is subject to our standard return policy. Seel Return Assurance is non-refundable.


How to order your custom-made jewelry?
Any design is possible! If the design you want to buy is shown in the images but not listed in the buying option, you can add to the cart the item equivalent to it and then leave your custom request (ring size, stone color, metal color, font#, name, engraving, etc.) in the instruction box found at checkout. For assistance or full custom-made jewelry requests, please contact our team.

Why my order status hasn't been updated?
Most of our jewelry unless otherwise specifically stated are custom-made-to-order with your desired variations and size. Customization can take between 3-20 business days depending on your request and the intricacy of the design (usually done sooner). Most of our rings are currently not experiencing any delays due to COVID-19, but with how quickly things change, please be aware that delays are a possibility. We will ONLY fulfill or change the status of your order once it's ready to ship. All orders under "Gifts Ready To Ship" will ship within 24hours.

My tracking# has not been updated. What can be done?
Please note that shipping providers are also taking longer to scan and deliver packages during the pandemic and other unforeseen delays. Once the package leaves our facility, it could take a few days for the carrier to update their system. Sometimes it takes within 48hrs or up to 12 days depending on the shipping restrictions within your shipping zone.

My ring size is not listed. Can you make it?
Yes, all of our jewelry can be customized as per your size and desired variation. If your ring size is not listed, you can fill the instruction box with your ring size before you checkout. All sizes from 3-15 US (including half sizes) are available for customization, free of charge for all our silver rings, and a slight price difference for all our solid gold. Please contact our team. 

Do you offer a 30-day Guarantee on all your products?
Most of our products are backed by a 30-day guarantee. This guarantee allows you to return or exchange your returnable item within 30 days from the delivery date. The item must be returned to us brand new and unused in order to qualify. All other products have a 7-15 day guarantee. All custom-made-to-order jewelry, VIP orders, masks, eye masks, candles, gift sets, and clearance items are not covered by this guarantee. These products can only be returned if you purchase a Seel Return Assurance. Please contact our team if you have any questions.

Lifetime Professional Service
When you purchase an engagement ring with us, you become a valued member of the Black Diamonds- New York family. We pride ourselves in providing continuous premium service, including care and repair, complimentary ring polishing and a full lifetime diamond service. 

  • Silver/Gold polishing
  • Professional cleaning
  • Lifetime Diamond Service
  • Plating maintenance

    Please contact our team how to ship your item back. Note that we don't cover shipping fee for this service so you will have to pay for shipping back and forth. 

    Do you offer warranty?
    Yes. We value your peace of mind. All our EVN™ Diamonds, Sona Simulated Diamonds, Moissanite and Natural Diamonds (selected- contact our team) are covered up to one year warranty. See the warranty terms here.

    Will my finger turn green?
    No. Our fine jewelry are made from either solid gold or top-quality 925 sterling silver dipped 5x in real gold. We also have silver with 70% purity and 30% platinum. They will not turn your finger green. Although silver reacts differently on every wearer based on the pH level of the skin, we are confident with the quality of the materials we use. We only use the best. See preventative care here.

    All fashion accessories (alloy, zinc alloy, copper, brass etc) may react differently on others. These type of jewelry are not for everyday use and require extra care. If you encounter any issues with your purchase, please contact us anytime.

    Can I cancel an order?
    Yes. All regular orders can be cancelled within 24 hrs unless processing has started. All orders will process almost immediately so if you need to cancel, please contact us asap. Note that all custom-made-to-order jewelry and personalized gift sets cannot be canceled or modified once production has started. It's not fair for any business to cancel after a few days or a week because you no longer need it. Approved cancellation request for custom-made jewelry is subject to cancellation fee to cover part of the production costs. 

    How to send gifts?
    Awesome idea! Just add a note when checking out and we’ll write the message for you. Make sure to include who it’s ‘From” and enter their correct address. 

    This is a surprise gift. Is your packaging discreet?
    Sweetness! All of our jewelry orders will ship in either plain brown boxes or buble mailers from our fulfillment center. No one can know what is in your parcel by looking at the shipping box. All other orders will ship in a standard packaging.

    I want to make it extra special. Do you offer engraving?
    YES, we love to personalize everything so we will do it for FREE. Inscription/engraving is available for our custom made jewelry and skull rings with EVN™ Diamond, Sona Simulated Diamonds and Moissanite stones collections. Please contact us. 

    Where are you located?
    Our Design Studio is located in downtown New York. While our Returns&Inspection has recently moved to New Jersey due to the impacts of COVID-19 (social distancing, looting, riots, protests, etc). 


    All our Natural Diamonds with 0.4 carat and up will come with GIA certificate and GRA certificate for all our Moissanite with .50 carat and up. For coffin-cut and other special cut diamonds, certificate is only available upon request prior shipping.

    Are your stones real diamonds and will pass the diamond test?
    All our Natural Diamonds and lab-grown Moissanite will pass the diamond test. Our EVN™ Stones, Sona Simulated Diamonds and Created Diamonds are lab-grown diamond imitators and won't pass the test. However, these are the BEST alternatives to natural diamonds. They look just the same, but they cost much less. At about only 1% of the cost of a diamond, you can take a stone that is equally beautiful and shining. Check our stone authenticity for the stone properties.

    Jewelry Upgrade
    All our jewelry can be upgraded for higher value from metal type, metal plating, stone color, stone carat, and stone type.

    • Metal type such as 10k-18k white/yellow/rose gold.
    • Metal plating such as platinum, yellow gold, rhodium, and rose gold.
    • Stone types such as Natural Diamonds, Moissanite, Salt&Pepper, and Premium CVD Diamond.
    • Stone carats are only available from 1-5 carats.
    • Stone color, FREE for any color but contact us first.
    • Engraving is FREE.


    Certificate is only available upon request prior to shipping. All our solid gold and platinum jewelry can be appraised by any local jeweler.


    Will you partially fill orders that include an item that is on pre-order or custom-made to order?
    It depends on the category of the item/s you ordered. If you purchased a personalized item along with a ready-ship EVN™ Diamond ring, your ring will ship first. We will ship whatever is ready to ship to ensure faster delivery. Unless you want us to wait and ship everything together, then we will be happy to hold the shipment and release it once your order is complete.

    What if I purchased the wrong item/size?
    No biggie. All returnable items can be returned between 7-30 days as long as it is unopened and unused. Items like custom-made/made-to-order jewelry, masks, eye masks, and personalized items cannot be returned nor exchanged. If an error was made by us, we will issue a return label. Otherwise, you will have to ship it back at your own expense.

    Can I change or add to my order once I’ve placed it?
    Yes, we can modify your order as long as it hasn't left our facility. All custom-made orders CANNOT be changed or modified once production has started. Please contact customer support immediately to check the status of your order.

    Can I return my custom-made/made-to-order jewelry and other personalized gift sets?
    No, all sales are final for these items. If the error was made by us, we will send you the correct order or issue a refund. You keep the item unless an inspection is needed. 

    Why are you charging a restocking fee? We used to offer free returns and exchanges but we had bad luck with shoppers who took advantage of the offer and only bought our products for photoshoots, occasions, TikTok reels, vacations, etc, then initiated a free return when no longer needed. As much as we are 100% in favor of our shoppers, we found it very unfair to receive used, dirty, and damaged jewelry in exchange for a 100% refund. Each piece we make and create costs our team's valuable time and 100% cost of resources.

    Any damaged items need to be reported within the 7-day return window to support@blackdiamondsnewyork.com Damages reported outside of 7 days may not qualify for a replacement or refund. A short video or photos of the damaged items need to be provided as proof. Otherwise, we cannot approve your return requests. 


    How long does the plating on my jewelry last?
    Plated jewelry wears differently on different people due to the natural oils in our skin and also how well it's looked after. Plating longevity is very dependent on the individual and the environmental conditions it is exposed to, water, soaps, natural skin oils, chemicals, etc. We have seen plating last anywhere from days, to months to even years. Most of our 925 silver jewelry is rhodium-plated or gold-plated, this is a standard process across the industry. Rhodium plating is what maintains the luster and sheen of the metal, it also protects the metal underneath. Plating is a temporary finish only. Therefore, faded plating is not considered a quality issue. Professional cleaning and re-rhodium is recommended every 6-12 months, this can be done by any professional jeweller or by us. All our silver jewelry with gold plating is dipped 5x in solid gold that can last a long time. Make sure you read our care instructions to avoid fading or changing colorYou can also check our gold jewelry collection as these issues are very unlikely to happen.

    Is the black plating on my jewelry permanent?
    Black rhodium over silver or gold is dark grey to black in color depending on the base metal selected. Black rhodium plating is a very intricate process and varies each time. The material and process we use are some of the best across the industry. Plating longevity is very dependent on the individual and the environmental conditions it is exposed to, water, soaps, natural skin oils, chemicals, etc. Black rhodium is a temporary finish only, we have seen plating last anywhere from days, months to even years. This depends on how well it's looked after and also the natural oils in our skin. Black rhodium can be left to expose the silver/gold underneath or can be redone at any time. Replating is free for up to 3 months.

    Why is my ring stamped with PT950 and S700?
    Some of our silver jewelry mixed with platinum have PT950 or S700 markings to ensure that shoppers who are allergic to platinum are aware of the mixture. Our jewelry with PT950 and S700 markings are mixed with 70% silver and 30% platinum. Although it is stamped with PT950 or S700, this won't qualify the metal to be pure platinum since it only contains 30% platinum. However, the technology we use for our jewelry makes the rings feel like 100% platinum. All other silver jewelry stamped with S925 or 925, the metal is made 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other high-quality metal.

    Can I return my jewelry for a refund if the plating has faded?
    No. Unfortunately, this does not qualify for a refund. Plating such as rose gold, yellow gold, rhodium, or black plating is expected to fade but with proper care, it should last for a long time. We recommend extra care for any jewelry, fine or fashion. Although they won't qualify for a refund, we will do our best to solve the issue, either reship a new one or offer a professional service for free. All depends on the condition of the item.


    Pure silver is usually soft and more bendable metal compared to solid gold. All of our silver rings are made from either 70% pure silver and 30% platinum or 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% high quality metal. They won’t bend easily with proper care. Note that all silver reacts differently compared to other metals when in contact with household chemicals and even from excessive sweating. Learn more about how to care for your jewelry here.


    Are these genuine natural stones?
    Yes they are natural stones, unless specified on the description that it isn't. If unsure, please contact our team asap.

    How do I charge my stone?

    • Place stone on a charging stone (selenite, quartz, amethyst)
    • Surround your crystal with plants or bury it in the soil
    • Expose your crystal to sunshine or moonlight
    • Hold or rub them


    Production time is now faster. Processing time is no longer affected with COVID-19. Due to variations in monitor displays and digital renders, final colors of the jewelry and stones may vary slightly.

    Learn more: