Our Story

Hey you, if you're here, you already kinda know us. But let's dive deeper, shall we? Our business started in Okinawa, Japan in 2013 strictly serving the US military community with our craft (BEST.TIME.EVER). We had the best time in Japan, and now that we've moved back to America, we would love to serve you too! 

Black Diamonds- New York exists because we believe everyone deserves high-quality, unique, beautiful wedding rings without costing you a fortune. The struggle of finding durable and beautiful rings without breaking the bank is R.E.A.L. so when we couldn't find the standards that met ours, we had no choice but to create one! So waa-lah, here we are, with our one-of-a-kind rings - combining top-quality materials and conflict-free diamonds made very affordable through Black Diamonds-New York by Evani Naomi. Each piece is exclusively designed and finely handcrafted to last a lifetime. 

Our small team (mostly military spouses, award-winning designers, and badass jewelers) is now based out on the East Coast curating artsy things- from affordable premium designer wedding rings to unique engagement rings inspired by art, new trends, modern goth fashion, video games, nature, and many more. And of course (always proud), keeping the Filipino pride alive through our featured Proud Pinoy designs. Living in different countries has deeply influenced our design process, resulting in unique pieces that tell stories of diverse cultures and one-of-a-kind love stories.

At Black Diamonds- New York, we go above and beyond with quality and affordability. We take pride in all our products. Everything is handmade with love and handcrafted to perfection. Our store is synonymous with quality and we ensure a continuous variety of one-of-a-kind wedding rings and exclusive engagement rings that fit any budget. When quality meets affordability, that’s when we know we’ve done our job! 

We have been very fortunate to be featured on New York Times Square Billboard, Wedding Chicks, NBC, CBS, Fox, Poza Mag, Google News, and other fashion & art magazines.

We could go on and on and talk about how awesome we are and how great our products are, but truly, we will not sparkle without our 700k+ (and counting) brides and happy shoppers worldwide. Our customers are the REAL GEMS of Black Diamonds- New York! Every single one of you is the beating heart of what we do. We wouldn't be here without the stories you entrust to us, and the trust you place in our team. Your faith in us means more than words can ever express. Thank you a million times for trusting our team with such important moments in your lives!

As we offer you all the good stuff, we also want to offer you the opportunity to make cash. We know it hasn't been easy for most after the pandemic. If you believe in our products, sign up here for free and become one of our affiliates. That simple.

Alright enough about us, let's talk about you. How can we help?