Tipsy Painting to Shiny Things

Hey you, if you're here, you already kinda know us. If it wasn't through tipsy painting parties in Japan or stateside, then I bet you just love exquisite items and followed us here! But let's dive deeper, shall we? Our business started in Okinawa, Japan in 2013 serving the military community through our most fun tipsy painting parties (BEST.TIME.EVER). We picked up the groove when we moved to New York then switched our artsy gear when COVID-19 hit the world (boo!!). This whole business idea started in the living room over a glass of wine, jewelry design, and raw music. When these 3 collides, the outcome is pure magic. So here we are, starting our boho-chic and modern gothic skull jewelry collection incorporating top-quality and super affordable engagement rings and unique wedding ring sets through Black Diamonds-New York by Evani Naomi.

We are now based in New York/New Jersey curating all artsy things from affordable unique diamond wedding rings, modern skull rings, handmade bohemian jewelry to personalized gift sets and of course (always proud) keeping the Filipino pride alive through our Proud Pinoy gift set. All made authentic and original for all our "kababayan" all over the world missing home and also to those Pinoy at heart.

As you can see, we are all about affordable rings and blings and natural stones. We just looove this stuff! We also understand that weddings can be awfully expensive but wedding rings don't have to be! We exist because of this.

We bring you 100% natural goodness, everything from those hard-to-find gems (literally), top-quality engagement diamonds without breaking the bank and all other pretty bohemian things you can't live without. Because we get it sis, having the perfect gift to yourself or loved ones can be a day-breaker or day-maker.. and we're here for the latter.

We take pride in all our products. Everything is handmade with love and handcrafted to perfection. Our online store is synonymous with quality and we ensure a continuous variety of cool boho chic items, unique limited edition, and seasonal items that fit any budget. When uniqueness meets affordability, that’s when we’ve done our job.

As we offer you all the good stuff, we also want to offer you the opportunity to make cash. If you believe in our products and you think you have the right network for them, sign up and become one of our affiliates. Yes, you've read it right. Just sign up or contact our team for more info.

Boho. Chic. All. Day. Errr. Day.