Warranty and Lifetime Professional Service

Black Diamonds- New York values your peace of mind! We take pride in all our products and we stand behind the product's quality. 

One-Year Warranty Terms

  1. Customers will be responsible for back-and-forth shipping fees.
  2. Customers must contact our team for the return shipping instructions when sending back the items.
  3. Customers should make sure that items are safely packed before sending them back.
  4. Black Diamonds- New York will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items/packages.
  5. When sending back the items, the customer must use a shipping method that has tracking on it. Packages with no tracking will not be processed.
  6. Warranty does not cover any refunds on shipping fees, items itself, customs taxes, etc.
  7. Replacing missing stones past 30 days the original delivery date will be up for quotation depending on the total carat.
  8. Resetting loose stones due to broken or bent prongs will be up for quotation depending on the actual condition of your jewelry.
  9.  Warranty covers free re-plating the first 3 months from the day your order was delivered. Replating after 3 months will be up for quotations.
  10. Black Diamonds- New York reserves the right to void the warranty on any items showing signs of modification, abuse, or damage beyond normal wear as determined by our jewelry professionals.
  11. If you receive a partial refund or choose to keep the product in exchange for a full refund, all free aftercare services will be voided.

Lifetime Professional Diamond Service

When you purchase an engagement ring with us, you become a valued member of the Black Diamonds- New York family. We pride ourselves in providing continuous premium service after the warranty expires, including care and repair, complimentary ring polishing, and a full lifetime diamond service. Replacing missing stones will be up for quotation depending on the total carat.

  • Silver/Gold polishing
  • Professional cleaning
  • Lifetime Diamond Service
  • Plating maintenance (depending on the intricacy of the design)

While we offer a full-year warranty (which means fixing your jewelry when needed), what we cannot control is how people treat their jewelry, and thus we cannot guarantee how long they will stay clean, how long the plating will last, how long the stones stay intact, and/or if they ever break. We stand by our lifetime professional service, and if you ever need your ring professionally polished or refinished again, please get in touch with our team anytime.

Please email us on how to ship your item back.

Note that we don't cover shipping fees for this service so you will have to pay for shipping back and forth.