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Everything You Need to Know about Ring Resizing

Have you ever seen something that you just had to have, but when you checked the size, it wasn’t the right fit for you? Sometimes you might be fortunate enough to find what you’re looking for online or in another store, but every now and then it seems like it’s the last one on earth!

When it comes to clothing, you can always send it off to a tailor, but a lot of the time it comes back not looking quite like you hoped. If it’s shoes though, then you’re just out of luck. However, if it’s a piece of jewelry that you’re dead set on having, you’ve got some awesome options for getting the perfect fit from that perfect piece, especially if it’s a ring.

Ring resizing can be performed for almost any ring, whether it’s a one-of-a-kind vintage piece, a unique handmade work, or it’s something special that’s been in your family for years. There’s several ways you can go about resizing your ring, but the safest way to make sure it looks just as great as it fits after ring resizing is to entrust this process to an experienced jeweler.

Whether you want to go up or down in size, it can definitely be done, but there are some aspects of ring resizing that can make this process more difficult for certain kinds of rings.

In this article, we will be talking about some things you will need to take into consideration for your ring resizing, as well as some of the different methods used for ring resizing.

What Kinds of Rings Can’t Be Resized?

The truth is that any ring can be resized, but it’s important to note that this process will be significantly more challenging for certain kinds of rings. When it comes to rings with a smooth, consistent shank, ring resizing is a pretty quick and straightforward process for an experienced jeweler. However, different types of ring shanks with intricate details and repeating patterns can present some roadblocks during ring resizing.

Here are some types of rings that will require some extra work and a finer touch.

Rings with Filigree

Filigree is a popular styling option for jewelry that gives it an intricate and upscale look, and it is characterized by its swirly and almost “viney” patterns. If you have a ring that has filigree going all the way around the band, the pattern might become stretched, compressed, or otherwise distorted during the ring resizing process.

Rings with Inlays

Inlaid rings require some special consideration because the inlaid material may not respond to the methods used for ring resizing. For example, inlays made from wood and resin will most likely need to be replaced after ring resizing, which means that you’ll end up with what will basically be a new ring.

Rings with Stones around the Whole Band

Since ring resizing usually involves stretching, compressing, or adding and removing material from the ring’s shank, rings with stones around the entire band will take some extra work. Your jeweler might need to add or remove some stones to make the ring fit, and they will most likely need to tighten some of the stones’ settings after ring resizing.

How to Resize Rings

The method your jeweler chooses for ring resizing will depend on the style of the ring, the material it's made from, and whether you are sizing the ring up or down. Here are a few of the most common methods used for ring resizing.


Believe it or not, many metals can actually be stretched fairly easily. Gold and silver are particularly malleable, which makes them perfect materials for stretching a ring up to a few sizes bigger.

Ring stretching tools resemble a ring mandrel, but the mandrel is made of four separate prongs that can be expanded using a lever. If your jeweler decides this is the best method for your ring resizing, they’ll just drop the ring on the machine and pull the lever a few times to stretch the ring evenly and consistently.

Keep in mind that if your ring is fairly thin or detailed, this ring resizing technique may not work for you. Stretching could potentially break the ring where it is soldered together, and it can also distort intricate details.


Another quick way to resize rings is by compressing them, but this method is used to size rings down. A ring compressing machine is essentially a press that squeezes the ring into a hole where the material will be compacted into a smaller circle.

This ring resizing technique does have several disadvantages though. First of all, it only works for rings that are perfectly round with no stones protruding from the band. In fact, compressing a ring with any stones at all usually isn’t a good idea since the stones can break when under pressure.

Additionally, compressing a ring into a smaller size will usually distort its original shape, making it more curved on the outside. Compressing a ring will also flatten the edges which might damage some of its details.

Adding and Removing Material

Adding and removing material from the ring’s shank is probably the most common method for ring resizing, and it’s usually preferred by professional jewelers.

When adding or removing material, your jeweler will use a jewelry saw to cut open the bottom of the ring’s band. If you are sizing your ring up, the ring can be stretched on a mandrel to create a gap where your jeweler will add a small piece of stock metal.

Your jeweler will cut the stock to fit the gap before soldering it into place. Once the gap is filled, they will sand off excess material to create a consistent surface on the entire band.

For sizing rings down, your jeweler will follow a similar process, but instead of adding material, they will remove a small portion of the band. Once the right amount of material is removed, the ring can be squeezed to close the gap before being soldered back together.

Whether you are sizing up or down, your ring should come back to you looking good as new. Your ring’s joints will be welded together using the same material that your ring is made from to create a seamless connection. Your jeweler will also sand, polish, and clean your ring before returning it, leaving it looking absolutely flawless.

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